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Reaction Search International connects the dots to provide our clients with superior CTO Executive Search.  We think outside the box, leveraging data and market insights as well as a proven 25-step process to connect clients with the best talent in the industry. Our technology executive search consultants aren’t just expert recruiters — they’re industry insiders. Many possess years of real-world technology experience, helping them to find and place the outstanding candidates you need in your technology roles.

RSI Leverages a Nationwide Network and Proven Process for Hiring Success

As a technology executive search firm, RSI is committed to helping time-strapped employers find the best technology talent in the nation. We’re a full-service search and recruitment company, following a tried and tested 25-step process that includes tapping into the top 5% of the nation’s passive candidate pool, conducting thorough assessments and reference checks, scheduling interviews, and maintaining regular communications touchpoints.

We’re only able to offer this in-depth and successful service thanks to our dedicated team. RSI has a network of technology executive headhunters across the country, each with hands-on technology industry experience. Thanks to our expansive team, we’re able to find and attract brilliant candidates who can bring unique skill sets to our clients.

The Industry’s Longest Extended Guarantee Minimizes Your Hiring Risk

Making a poor hiring choice can have an unfortunate ripple effect on your entire company. The cost and time involved in hiring and training new personnel and the impact on company morale and productivity make bringing on new team members a significant risk.

This is why RSI offers the longest extended guarantee in the industry. We don’t make hiring recommendations until we’re fully confident that we’ve found a highly qualified candidate who will be an excellent fit for your company. However, even with our proven strategy and impressive track record, we’re aware that we can’t create magic. If you find our recruited candidate to be an unsatisfactory hire who doesn’t bring long-term results to your company, we’ll find you another excellent professional at no added charge.

RSI’s Success in the Technology Executive Search

Technology executive recruitment is a complex field, requiring you to find a blend of technical skills, interpersonal strengths, and a strong work ethic. RSI’s high retention rate for finding and placing top-tier technology executives is largely the result of our team of industry insiders. These professionals bring firsthand familiarity with the technology industry’s ins and outs, including which questions to ask and how to assess a candidate’s competency. Our extensive technological knowledge base allows us to provide bottom-line results like none other.

From CEOs to lower-level executives, we’ll tailor our search according to your needs whether you run a Fortune 500 or a small company just getting off the ground.

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