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Our RSI Recruitment Process Outsourcing division centralizes the resources of our expansive domestic and international network of executive search recruiters. There is no other permanent staffing organization with the ability to provide single-source staffing services on a global scale. You receive a unified commitment to achieving your short- and long-term staffing goals.

RSI can create tailor-made staffing solutions for any large-scale project, which in turn will significantly reduce the time commitment traditionally required to fill multi-placement initiatives. RSI has the ability to fill anywhere from two to over 500 needs with consistent quality, efficiency and economies of scale.

RSI has one of the best solutions for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We can save your company time and money. We streamline the process and create a team that works seamlessly to get your goals accomplished to meet your important deadlines. We breakdown a complete timeline on how things will progress along with sharing daily and weekly updates to make sure things are staying on track.

RSI is the leader in executive search and recruitment, let our team help you accomplish your hiring deadlines.

Contact us today at 1-800-832-8268 to begin your large scale recruitment project.

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