At Reaction Search International, our mission is to help you find the executives and quality talent that will allow your company to achieve levels of success you had only dreamed about. RSI utilizes a national network of executive search recruiters located in major cities across the country that know how to find the best candidates for individual client needs, no matter the industry your, the position you’re looking to fill or the size of your firm. In fact, many of our recruiting experts are industry insiders who have worked in the fields in which they now recruit talent, and they use their extensive knowledge of the industries we serve and their many connections within their particular field, to deliver the superior candidates that, when placed, will begin contributing to your company immediately.

With their extensive knowledge of the industries we service, and the many connections they have with the key players and characteristics of the field, our executive search professionals are adept in delivering superior candidates that, when placed, will begin contributing to your company immediately. No matter the size of your company – and no matter the position you’re looking to fill – RSI’s elite staff of executive placement recruiters can find the high-quality candidates you need, when you need them. With RSI’s network of executive headhunters and executive search professionals in Charleston, South Carolina, you can take your company to levels of success you didn’t know were possible.


Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Reaction Search minimizes the risks associated with recruiting a new employee. Our executive job placement experts conduct in-depth candidate reviews to evaluate the competency and quality of each candidate we recommend to our clients. We conduct extensive background and reference checks. When we send you a candidate, we do so with the utmost confidence that the candidate meets your criteria and would be an asset to your organization.


Through in-depth candidate reviews, stringent evaluations and targeting interviews, RSI’s talented team of headhunters can identify, evaluate and source talent that will help you surpass your competition in innovation, strategies and leadership. RSI’s Charleston Executive Recruiters are best suited to finding executive candidates in Charleston’s foremost industries, including education, technology, finance and hospitality and tourism.

RSI recruits top executives from around the country in a wide range of professions, including: Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace & Defense, Biotechnology, Banking, Board and CEO Services, Computer Hardware, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products, Computer Software and Hardware, Education, Energy & Utilities, Entertainment & Sports, Financial Services, Food Products, Government, Human Resources, Health Care, Hospitality & Tourism, Insurance, Industrial, Internet & New Media, Legal, Journalism & Publishing, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Non-Profit, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Retail & Apparel, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation.


At RSI, we provide our Charleston, South Carolina customers with a plethora of recruitment services. At Reaction Search International, we know that people are the heart of any business, and that it is vital to be respectful, professional, empathic and patient with our clients and candidates in order to better council and guide them. It is also important, perhaps even more so, to be remembered and relevant. The only way to be remembered and relevant is to be in regular contact with clients and potential clients. In order to be relevant, memorable and successful all at once, our executive recruiters use our developed database, their market expertise and, most importantly, conversations, connections and collaboration to provide you with the most suitable executive candidate for your manager, director, VP and C-level position.


Reaction Search International has been providing clients with executive search recruitment services for more than 20 years. Throughout our history, we have consistently delivered top-notch candidates to our clients. Sales recruiting is the cornerstone of RSI’s executive search recruiter services. RSI has been involved with recruiting and placing job candidates ranging from corporate sales executives to staffing national sales forces for Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of companies – both nationally and internationally – have trusted RSI to build their teams of elite executives. Put your trust in RSI – let them find the right executives for your company today!

Charleston, South Carolina – Executive Search Consultants

Executives interested in the Charleston, South Carolina market will find a wellspring of opportunities in many sectors, and particularly in the city’s largest industries – tourism, education, hospitality, technology and finance. RSI’s Executive Recruiting and Executive Search firm can match the right executive with the right firm, maximizing company growth and profit in these areas.

Charleston is a small city with very few large companies headquartered in the surrounding areas. At the moment, Charleston is not home to many booming, high-growth businesses. Neither is South Carolina for that matter. The industries that are growing, however, are growing quickly. Those industries that show potential are: software, retail, financial services, consumer products and services, media, travel and hospitality, and advertising and marketing.

Leading Charleston Firms Include:
  • Denny’s
  • Piggly-Wiggly Carolina Co.
  • 3D Systems
  • Fatz
  • Blackbaud
  • Advance America
  • Double O Radio
  • Park Seed Company
  • Force Protection


Fortune 500 Companies

There are no Fortune 500 Companies in Charleston. There is only one Fortune 500 Company in South Carolina. That company is Domtar, a paper company based in Montreal with an operations headquarters in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Fortune 500 Companies in South Carolina

RSI’s Executive Placement and Executive Search services can best suit those executives looking for a premier Charleston Executive Headhunting Firm.

Charleston, SC Executive Search and Recruiters

Welcome to Charleston; “The Holy City,” “Palmetto City,” and “Da Chuck.” Charleston, South Carolina is a small city with a big heart. In 2011 Travel and Leisure Magazine named Charleston “America’s Most Friendly City.” It also named Charleston “America’s Sexiest City.” In both 2011 and 2012 Condé Nast Traveler 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards ranked Charleston the #1 US city. Charleston is known for its well-preserved historic buildings and its well-mannered people. It is also known for its rich and extensive history. Over the years many notable people have come out of this small city, including: comedians Stephen Colbert and Andy Dick; actor Will Patton; Hootie & the Blowfish lead singer Darius Rucker; NBA player Kwame Brown; La Bouche lead singer Melanie Thornton; and early American political figures Edward and John Rutledge, John C. Calhoun, James and Christopher Gadsden, Thomas Heyward, Jr., and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.


RSI, the leading Charleston Executive Search Firm, understands the Charleston, South Carolina market for executives and managers looking to be a part of the team of some of the nation’s top companies. When companies come to us for executive staffing needs in Charleston, they are generally looking for a Technology, Biotechnology, Food Products or Telecommunications executive.


Career opportunities aside, why live in Charleston? One important factor to consider is the weather. Most of the time, Charleston weather is very nice. In the summer however, it can be somewhat rainy. Compared to the average US city, Charleston is a little hot, humid, and rainy.

Average daily temperatures in Charleston are a little higher than the national average all year round. Summer temperatures range from around 75°F-90°F and winter temperatures range from around 40°-60°. Average national temperatures are between 65° and 85° in the summer and 30° to 50° in the winter. Sunshine levels in Charleston are about even with the national average all year round. Charleston’s wind speed levels are around the national average as well.

In addition, it can get fairly humid in Charleston. Morning humidity levels here range from 80 in the winter to over 90% in the summer. Afternoon humidity levels fall to about 50% in the winter and 60% in the summer. As a result, the city tends to be a little rainy; especially in the summer when humidity levels are higher. Average national precipitation is about 3-inches per month all year. Charleston rainfall ranges between 3 and 4 inches per month in the winter and the spring. In the summer and the fall Charleston rainfall ranges between 5 and 7 inches per month. It doesn’t snow in Charleston.

Take a walk down memory lane…


Charleston Museum:

The Charleston Museum is famous for being the first museum built in America. It was built in 1773, before the American Revolution, when the area was referred to as the port of Charles Towne. The museum was built to preserve the natural and cultural history of colonial South Carolina. Some of the museum’s historical collections include 18th and 19th century Charleston furniture, silver, textiles, ceramics, and firearms, Egyptian artifacts, and documentary and photographic archives. The museum operates The Dill Sanctuary, a natural wildlife preserve on James Island, and two of Charleston’s many historical houses: the Heyward-Washington House and the Joseph Manigault House.

Charles Towne Landing:

Charles Towne Landing was the first permanent English settlement in the Carolinas. The site of the original landing has been preserved, restored, rebuilt and added to the National register of Historic Places. Today, the 664-acre site is home to an exhibit hall, rental facility, a natural habitat zoo, archeological excavations, trails, picnic areas, a replica ship, replica cannons, and more. The site’s Experimental Crop Garden showcases crops as colonists would have planted them. The site’s Fortified Area demonstrates how the colonists defended themselves from the Spanish, French, or Native Americans. The site’s Animal Forest is home to animal species that lived in the Carolinas in the 1670s.

Charleston Waterfront Park:

The Charleston Waterfront Park is a 12-acre park along Charleston’s Cooper River. The park is located between Vendue Range and Adger’s Wharf and near several shipping terminals. In 1980 the area in which the park is currently located was, according to Jonathan Poston, “an overgrown area marred by charred pilings and gravel parking lots.” The park, which opened in 1990, took ten years of planning and cost $13 million. In 2007 it received the Landmark Award from the American Society of Landscaping Architects and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

College of Charleston:

The C of C is the oldest municipal college in the United States. It is also the oldest college in South Carolina and the 13th oldest college overall in the US. The college was founded in 1770 and chartered in 1785. Three of its founders signed the Declaration of Independence and another three founders helped draft the US Constitution. The college consists of and Honors College, a Graduate School, and six academic schools: the School of the Arts, the School of Business, the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs, and the School of Sciences and Mathematics. In 2012 C of C enrolled 9,866 undergraduate and 1,454 postgraduate students. Some notable alumni of the College of Charleston include: Robert Mills, John Charles Frémont, and Padgett Powell.

Fort Sumter:

Fort Sumter is a sea fort in Charleston Harbor, named after Revolutionary War hero General Thomas Sumter. The fort, which was founded in 1811 and built throughout the first half of the 1800s, is famous for the 1861 Battle of Fort Sumter that began the American Civil War. The Battle of Fort Sumter would probably be better described as a hostile altercation. Fort Sumter was one of several forts along the Southern coast occupied by federal troops. South Carolina’s navy blocked supplies from getting to the fort for months to try to get the federal soldiers to evacuate. Major Robert Anderson refused to surrender and on April 12, 1861 all hell broke loose. Confederates bombarded the fort with artillery batteries for 34 hours but nobody was killed. Eventually Anderson surrendered. President Lincoln responded to the events at Fort Sumter by calling for 75,000 volunteer troops to stop the rebellion. Confederates responded by adding four more seceding states. In 2011 over 850,000 people visited the historic fort.

Four Corners of the Law:

The “Four Corners of the Law” is a name for the intersection of Meeting St. and Broad St. in Charleston. The term refers to the federal, state, local, and ecclesiastical law institutions that each occupies a corner of the intersection. St. Michael’s Episcopal Church was built in 1761 and occupies the southeast corner of the intersection. Its graveyard contains the remains of founding fathers John Rutledge and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. Charleston City Hall was built in1804 on the northeast corner. Charleston County Courthouse was built in 1753 and reconstructed as a state courthouse in 1792. The United States Post Office and Federal Courthouse, built in 1896, occupies the intersections southwest corner. All of these buildings are part of Charleston Historic District, which was added to the National register of Historic Places in 1966.

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