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The nonprofit industry is unique, full of individuals drawn by special motivations and often bringing distinctive experiences. Working in the nonprofit industry and on the hunt for outstanding new talent for your company? RSI’s Nonprofit Executive Search Team can help.

We’re a search and recruitment company that specializes in the nonprofit field. RSI’s nonprofit executive recruiters have worked in and for the nonprofit sector for years, gathering valuable insights into how it operates. Our team knows the sector better than others and is positioned to find you exceptional candidates for any position. With clients ranging from start-ups to world-renowned nonprofit associations, we bring a rich history of experience in the field.

Our proven track record for successful nonprofit placements speaks for itself. We offer full-coverage staffing solutions ranging from nonprofit employees to executive professionals.

How RSI Conducts Executive Searches for Top Sectors

Our nationwide search for top nonprofit executives always begins with a tailored approach. We follow a proven 25-step search and recruitment strategy, yet are always adaptable to our clients’ needs. We can adjust our timeline and interview process according to your preferences and needs.

Once we’ve determined the best route for a specific client, we’ll tap into our expansive network of nonprofit executive headhunters. This large-scale team of nonprofit experts is committed to identifying, assessing and recruiting professionals in your industry. We’re on the lookout for nonprofit executives who can step into your company and begin delivering impressive results in an efficient manner. From CEOs to entire new teams, we move fast without ever compromising our standards.

RSI follows an in-depth process of background checks, reference checks, interviews and more. We’ve instilled frequent touchpoints into our process to ensure candidates feel connected with and understood. Our team welcomes feedback from both clients and candidates, always operating as a community of people first and foremost. In the nonprofit industry more than ever, it’s important to show the heart behind the screen or telephone. Thanks to this spirit, our teams excel at building lasting relationships with our nonprofit clients.

RSI’s Nonprofit Experience Brings Valuable Industry Insights

During our years conducting executive searches for nonprofits, RSI has accomplished many success stories. We’ve worked in nonprofit sectors spanning the gamut, including healthcare, education, social and legal service, civic and environmental and arts and culture niches. We’ve learned the ins and outs of each special field — and in doing so, we’ve learned what makes the nonprofit industry tick.

Successful professionals working in this field are often very special individuals. They possess an innate desire to do good and contribute positively to the world around them. Often driven by a greater cause, the best nonprofit professionals have both the technical skills and personal motivation to excel with integrity.

Understanding the industry has led us to develop a keen eye for candidates who embody these characteristics. These are the professionals who are typically geared to best fit your nonprofit.

Trust Us to Be Your Nonprofit Executive Search Agency

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