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Whether you are in the Las Vegas tourism and entertainment industries or in the local government, construction, transportation or any other sector, you need top talent for your c-suite. Our Las Vegas Executive Search Recruiters can assist you.

As your company grows and evolves, you’ll naturally need new talent in positions such as the COO, CEO, CIO and other top spots. These decision-makers shape your company’s culture and directly impact its future success, which is why hiring the best of the best is so important.

Many Fortune 500 companies, startups, non-profits and other businesses rely on executive search firms in Las Vegas to help them find the right talent. If you’re serious about your executive search, you’ll want to reach out to Reaction Search International using our online form. You can also email us at or call 800-832-8268.

Our Executive Search Services in Las Vegas

When you start working with Reaction Search International, we dedicate a whole team to your project, instead of just one recruiter. Your team will be made up of professional recruiters who have worked in your industry to ensure they understand your sector and your needs.

Working with an executive recruiter at Las Vegas Reaction Search International is not like working with most Las Vegas recruiting agencies. You will find our team is responsive and dedicated to getting you results. We guarantee our services and are fully committed to your success.

Reaction Search International has access to the passive talent pool and can use this to find talent for you. Our team also has international connections which can be used on your behalf. Reaction Search International conducts careful candidate reviews and evaluates different prospective professionals based on their skills, background and willingness to take your company to the next level.

We run reference and background checks and do all the pre-screening and interviews, so by the time a name is recommended to you Reaction Search International can stand behind the recommendation fully. With Reaction Search International, you’ll spend less time comparing similar candidates and more time considering pre-screened top talent.

Why Work With Reaction Search International

Reaction Search International has been offering comprehensive and innovative recruitment services to Fortune 500 companies, Fortune 1000 companies, non-profits, mom and pop organizations and other businesses for more than two decades.

Hundreds of companies, including others in your industry, have turned to Reaction Search International to fill top positions. We customize our recruitment services to your needs, so whether you need an international search or a discreet recruitment effort to find the best c-suite executive for your company, you can rely on Reaction Search International.

If your company is growing or changing, it is only natural new faces will be part of the changes. However, when you hire the top executives at your business, you are shaping the very future of your organization. Make sure the changes you make now will continue to support your success in the future. Work with Reaction Search International today to enjoy the best professionals in your organization tomorrow.

RSI’s Executive Search and Executive Headhunting services can best suit those executives looking for a premier Las Vegas Executive Search Firm.

Career opportunities aside, why live in Las Vegas? One important factor to consider is the weather. Las Vegas is an oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert. If you live in Las Vegas, you will be inside most of the time. Expect a hefty energy bill. Compared to the average US city, Las Vegas is hot, sunny, and dry.

Daily Vegas temperatures are much higher than the national average all year. Summertime in Sin City can be especially miserable. Las Vegas’ average summer temperatures range from 70°F-100°F and its average winter temperatures range from 35°- 60°. National average daily temperatures are between 65° and 85° in the summer and 30° to 50° in the winter. Sunshine levels in Vegas are about 20% higher than the national average all year round. Also, wind speed here picks up in the summer, making the desert heat more unbearable.

In addition, Las Vegas is very dry. It hardly rains here at all, with less than an inch per month in the winter and no more than ½ inch per month in the summer. Humidity here is also well below the national average. While the average morning humidity levels in the US are around 80% all year, Vegas morning humidity levels are about 50% in the winter and below 30% in the summer. Afternoon humidity levels in Vegas are even lower. Also, snowfall here is minimal, with maybe an inch in January.

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