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Are you looking for the next strong leader to enhance your marketing team’s efforts and pave the way for outstanding results? Whether your goal is improved product development, brand awareness, event management or a mixture of marketing efforts, Reaction Search International is your answer.

Our marketing executive search team works tirelessly to find and place top talent from among the top 5% of passive candidates. Your company could be just one fantastic hire away from unmatched marketing growth and leadership. Learn more about our services, and why we’re known as one of the top marketing executive search firms, below.

The Four Cornerstones of RSI’s Marketing Recruitment Success

During our more than two decades of operation, RSI quickly earned a name for fast and impressive recruitment results. Our marketing executive search results require a certain indefinable quality — but we’ll narrow it down to a few of our most important ingredients for success:

An Expansive Team Across the Country can assist with your Marketing Executive Search

While we have several headquarter locations, our team of recruiters isn’t limited to a zip code. RSI has marketing executive search experts spread across major cities throughout the country, each with experience locating and placing quality marketing candidates. Many of our nationwide team members possess their own industry experience, including a firsthand knowledge of which characteristics and background are most promising. Thanks to this expansive team, we’re able to unearth top talent regardless of either our client or candidates’ location.

A Proven 25-Step Recruitment Plan

Our tried-and-tested 25-step search and recruitment plan eliminates the guesswork. We’ve applied data analysis and market insights to create a process that works, time after time. We draw from this framework while modifying the journey according to the unique needs of each client. Whether you’re searching for a highly experienced marketing CEO or looking to build a team of green yet promising marketing professionals, our network stays adaptable for the tailored results you need.

Decades of Marketing Industry Experience

Whether you’re searching for a marketing VP, director, manager or any other executive position, RSI has experience placing talent for each role. Each industry has its own unique marketing needs, which is why we’ve built a reliable reputation for placing premium candidates in every niche from telecommunications and electronics to health care and hardware.

Our wide range of cross-industry experience has helped our team develop a knack for knowing precisely what you need. We’re well-acquainted with the many functions marketing professionals must perform, spanning from the technical elements of market research to the creative and brand management sides. In between lies a world of skill sets, including event management, public affairs, sponsorship, direct marketing and much more. We understand the distinctions of each and know how to launch an executive search for marketing and communications professionals that embody any quality you need.

RSI’s People-Oriented Work Culture

At RSI, people come first, and that’s true of our team members, our clients and each candidate we recruit. We strive to be caring and compassionate, ensuring you know how important you are every step of the way. For this reason, RSI includes regular touchpoints throughout our process, and we share our project management system for maximum transparency.

Our people-driven work ethic has led us to look beyond the resume and search for candidates that exhibit strong personal and interpersonal traits. When it comes to marketing executives, we go beyond technical skill and experience and assess candidates on characteristics like ethical standards, critical thinking, creativity, positivity, passion and authenticity. We also evaluate their social media savviness and marketing and SEO know-how.

Contact RSI Today to Launch Your Marketing Executive Recruitment Journey

If you’re in the market for exceptional communications talent to drive your company forward, reach out to RSI today. Our full-service search and recruitment approach can deliver prompt and impressive results.

The Marketing Executive Search Firm Specialty Practice is a team of highly skilled and experienced-savvy marketing executive search recruiters. We identify, attract and place high caliber marketing professionals in capacities including but not limited to:

  • Executive Vice President, Marketing
  • National Marketing Manager
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Marketing
  • National Accounts Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Communications
  • Customer Service Team Rollouts
  • Call Center Marketing


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