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Executive search firms in Columbus, Ohio should do more than what a job posting can accomplish. At Reaction Search International, we believe executive search recruiting services exist to help you find the best talent for your organization.

The professional recruiters at Reaction Search International use a 25-step process to ensure you secure the right COO, CEO, manager, director, president or other professional for your company. We rely on data, research and our own insider industry knowledge to ensure you find the right fit.

Many of the professionals at Reaction Search International have previous experience in their own industry, so they understand what it takes to succeed in your field. They can use insider expertise as well as our extensive experience in recruiting to bring you the most successful talent while also helping you locate professionals who are the right culture fit for your company.

What Makes Reaction Search International Different?

Among Columbus recruiting agencies, Reaction Search International stands out for a few reasons, including our more than 20 years of experience in recruitment as well as our unique 25-step process.

One of the reasons our executive head-hunters in Columbus are different is because we stand by our work. We guarantee success and the right fit. In fact, we have helped organizations ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to small start-ups find their teams. Our staff work tirelessly to uncover the data and the small details which make a difference.

Our services encompass more than 50 markets locally and around the globe across 35 differential market verticals. We have worked with organizations in health care, tech, education, marketing and many other industries. Reaction Search International has professionals with insight into your industry, and we can help you with a full commitment to ensuring your c-suite is filled by people with the dedication, talent, skills and passion to help your growing organization.

Our Executive Recruitment Process

At our Columbus executive search firm, we’ll dedicate a full project team to your needs, not just one individual. A team can better examine every detail of the process and offer the most robust insights about a potential hire. At Reaction Search International, our team helps execute a personalized recruitment search on your behalf.

Reaction Search International can tap into the passive candidate pool and other resources to ensure your success. With a worldwide reach, we can look for your next executive where they are right now and use our thorough 25-step process to ensure the best candidate is also a perfect culture fit. We always look for professionals who can start having a positive impact on your company from day one.

We have already helped Columbus-area and national companies find executives in a variety of industries, including government, tourism, aerospace, research, tech, defense and transportation. Reaction Search International has also helped organizations fill the most important positions on their teams with the best of the best talent. To learn more about how our services could benefit you, contact Reaction Search International today.

Helpful Information About Columbus, OH

Fortune 500 Companies This is a list of the Fortune 500 Companies within 50 miles of Columbus, Ohio. Of these 6 companies, 5 are located in Columbus. The other, Cardinal Health, is located 17 miles away in the city of Dublin, OH.

Fortune 500 Co., Columbus Metro Area

Despite the city’s strong economy, there are not many super high-growth companies in Columbus. This is because Columbus has had somewhat consistent growth over a long period of time. The city is home to only 4 companies in the 2012 Inc. 1000, but here are several Columbus-based companies on the Inc. 5000. Of these growing companies, the most common are in the following industries: environmental services, software, logistics & transportation, security, IT services, and advertising & marketing. The following table shows the top 2000-ranked Columbus companies on the 2012 Inc. 5000.

Other Factors to Consider

Career opportunities aside, why live in Columbus? One important factor to consider is the weather. Most of the time, Columbus weather is fairly nice. In the winter however, it can get very cold. Compared to the average US city, Columbus is a little cold, dark, and snowy.

Average daily temperatures in Columbus are around the national average in the summer and below the national average in the winter. Average summer temperatures range from about 60°F-85°F and average winter temperatures range from 20° to 40°. National average temperatures are between 65° and 85° in the summer and 30° to 50° in the winter. It is also fairy dark in Columbus. Sunshine levels here are about 10% lower than the national average all year round. Winter sunshine levels can reach as low as 30%.

Average national rainfall is about 3-inches per month all year round. Rainfall in Columbus is slightly above that average in the summer at 3-4 inches per month, and slightly below average in the winter at 2-3 inches per month. Precipitation falls in the winter as snowfall picks up. Columbus’ monthly winter snowfall tends to be higher than the national average. In January, snowfall peaks at around 9-inches per month. Humidity levels are around the national average all year. Wind speed is around the national average in the winter and a bit below average in the summer.

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