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At Reaction Search International, we assist businesses with their most challenging hires. We leverage our contacts throughout Raleigh and nationwide network of recruiters to identify potential matches. These candidates undergo a thorough screening process, allowing us to find the best fit for your company culture. Our Raleigh Executive Search Recruiters are industry insiders who have worked in the fields in which they now recruit talent.

RSI recognizes the importance of finding not just the best candidate on paper, but the right match with your existing team. Our Executive Recruiters perform prescreening interviews to gauge work style and personality type. We also help increase candidate interest levels and effectively close candidates in the offer stage.

Filling a higher-level opening requires time, attention to detail and commitment. To find the right person for the position, turn to an experienced recruiting firm in Raleigh.

What Sets Our Executive Search Recruiting Firm Apart

Our 25-step process for recruiting identifies the best candidates who are the right long-term fit for your organization. We look for individuals who will contribute to your success for many years, rather than temporary solutions. To achieve this, we focus on proven techniques such as:

  • Data analysis: We leverage market insights to narrow down the field of candidates.
  • Effective interfacing: We assign a managing director to your search and invite you to discuss your needs with them to improve the search funnel.
  • Communication: Our online project management platform allows you to see where your search stands.

Our Raleigh Executive Recruiters Serve Many Industries

When you need to fill an executive-level position, count on our expertise to find the right match. Many of our recruiters worked in these industries before they joined the RSI team. They use their experience to look for candidates with qualities that lead to success in their field. The industries in Raleigh we serve include:

  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Food processing
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Retail

Why Work With Our Executive Headhunters in Raleigh?

Our executive search firm stands out by offering unique services and the industry’s longest guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our placement within two years of hire, we will find you a replacement at no charge.

We practice direct recruiting, which means we reach out to candidates ourselves. Through direct interactions, we gauge whether a candidate is the right fit. We also dedicate time to understanding your business, your management team and what your office environment is like on a day-to-day basis. As we narrow the search, we practice transparency so you always know the progress of your search.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Most Challenging Openings

At RSI, our Raleigh recruiting agency has an outstanding track record and innovative approaches to finding the right candidate.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

What to do in The City of Oaks

Museum of Natural Sciences:

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the oldest museum in North Carolina and the largest natural sciences museum in the southeastern United States. This museum opened in Raleigh in 1879 and now receives over 700,000 visitors a year. NCMNS’s first floor contains dioramas of North Carolina-native wildlife, including live seahorses, sea cucumbers and five whale skeletons. The second floor holds a waterfall with snapping turtles and several other exhibits. On the third floor guests can visit the “Prehistoric North Carolina” exhibit and see a rare fossilized dinosaur heart. Finally, the fourth floor contains the Arthropod Zoo, the Naturalist Center, and a dry tropical forest with butterflies.

Museum of Art:

Raleigh’s North Carolina Museum of Art opened in 1956. The NCMA contains an art collection spanning 5,000 years of history and an outdoor amphitheater. The museum also contains the largest museum art park in the country (164 acres). NCMA’s permanent collection features works from: Africa, America, Ancient America, Egypt, Europe, the Middle East, the Modern Era, and the Contemporary Era. As one of the leading art museums in the country, NCMA has earned high acclaim for its recent expansion and energy-efficient design.

Pullen Park:

Pullen Park is a 66-acre public park in Raleigh, west of downtown, and next to NC State University. The park features picnic areas, an Aquatic Center, and the Theater In the Park. Pullen Park is named for Richard Stanhope Pullen, who donated farmland to the City of Raleigh in 1887. Between 1899 and 1938 the park contained a zoo. Today, it features several small rides, including a train, kiddie boats, and the famous Pullen Park Carousel. The Carousel was built in 1900 for Raleigh’s Bloomsbury Park and moved to Pullen Park in 1924. It contains 52 hand-carved basswood animals, 2 chariots, 18 large gilded mirrors, canvas panels, and a Wurlitzer 125 organ.

North Carolina State Capitol:

The North Carolina State Capitol building was built between 1933 and 1940 after the previous capitol building burned down in a fire. This Greek Revival building in Raleigh’s Union Square houses the offices of the Governor of North Carolina. It housed the North Carolina General Assembly before they moved to Raleigh’s North Carolina State Legislative Building in 1963. Today, both buildings are available for tours. The NC State Capitol building became a US National Historic Landmark in 1973.


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