Succession management is the most appreciable contribution you can make in your organization’s future

Succession management is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company. Our Succession management team optimizes the possibility of accomplished and competent staff members that are able to assume key leadership roles as they become vacant.

At Reaction Search International we understand that Succession Planning can seem overwhelming and challenging. RSI can help you in making the process less daunting. Our primary aim and scope of succession planning is to determine the availability of highly proficient, efficient, knowledgeable and experienced employees that are ready and able to fill-in key organizational roles. We want to help mitigate the risk of an absence occurring in a key management role that could impact the organizations ability to run smoothly.

However, it is important to realize that there is always a bit more to succession planning than generating lists of employees to fit insider these key roles.

Looking Deeper into Succession Management

The bygone approach to Succession Management started in the boardroom and stopped in the corner office. But business organizations today need a different approach. To accurately oversee the peril of losing indispensable folks and experience, you will need to look deeper into your institutions, with a mind on the future.

RSI partners with you to make a smooth transition for your CEO and Board level roles. We can assist you in creating a process and avoiding the most common issues when faced with a lack of agreement on strategic direction. We can customize a program to meet your organizations needs for your Succession Planning Solution.

RSI can help you avoid the typical pitfalls that can lead to expensive hiring’s, overly paid employees, ambitious outsiders and over-promoting individuals who are always under qualified for the job.

Identify gaps, engage employees and make more informed succession decisions

Who’s at risk of leaving? Who’s next in line? And how vulnerable are you to these changes? RSI Succession Management helps you evaluate the bench strength of your organization and develop a strong pipeline of qualified successors by:

Our RSI Succession Planning Consultants can ensure a smooth, productive and streamlined process which includes:

  • Identifying Specific and Viable Successors for Limited Prime ‘C-Level’ Designation.
  • Identify capabilities needed for Success in critical positions
  • Determine Succession Planning Strategies
  • Implement Succession Plans
  • Evaluate Performances and Effectiveness


At RSI we can assist your corporation with the strategic approach to ensure you have a Succession Plan that enables you to have the right leaders in place when the time is needed.

Succession Management is not just about planning for changes in the C-suite. Apart from identifying prospective leaders, your succession management strategy should include personnel planning, expertise divergence analyses, and the development curriculum to boost bench durability at all layers of the organization.

Apparent vs. Everybody:

Most companies focus all of their succession planning energy on likely individuals; the most prosperous management teams focus on everyone.

Hiring from within vs. bringing in someone new:

Cultivating leaders internally takes time and effort, but these domestic candidates are more likely to be successful than outside applicants.

In-house options are 61 percent more likely to be laid off or fired, and 21 percent more likely than internal hires to leave a job on their own prerogative.

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