RSI Provides Energy and Utilities Executive Search and Recruitment Services

With more than a decade of experience in outstanding Energy and Utilities Executive Search, Reaction Search International specializes in connecting energy companies with the top talent they need. If you’re on the search for leadership to re-energize your company, we’re here to help.

Our team consists of executive search consultants who collectively bring more than 30 years of experience specifically in energy executive search, recruitment and consultation. Together, we’ve placed professionals for a range of clients from startup energy firms to full-service contract research organizations and Fortune 100 energy and chemical firms. No matter your size, our recruiters are fully committed to finding the right fit for your positions and won’t stop until they’ve succeeded.

RSI’s History of Successful Energy Executive Placement

As an energy executive search firm, RSI’s mission is to pinpoint, gauge and recruit the best professional for your energy company. Succeeding in this goal requires an in-depth understanding of your industry and how it functions, as well as insight into the qualities of a strong leader. Our experienced energy executive search recruiters equip us to succeed in this pursuit. With hands-on experience in the industry and years of research and market data, we’ve built a history of successful long-term executive hires.

Our resume includes successfully placing candidates in a range of positions and departments, including Boardroom Executives, CEOs, Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management, Project Management, Sales, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Manufacturing and Engineering, Vice President of Clinical Development and more. We understand that each role calls for a different skill set, persona, background and level of training.

Our success can largely be attributed to the tailored approach we employ for each position. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all mindset, we approach each client’s recruitment request with a narrow focus and endless commitment to excellence. As our track record shows, this customized approach can work wonders.

RSI’s Tailored 25-Step Recruitment Process

While each recruitment search is customized according to our client’s needs, RSI follows a proven 25-step process that lends itself to timely success. Our process has been shaped and finely tuned from years in the energy industry. We’ve applied every learning curve to our approach, ending in a step-by-step process that works, time and again.

The step-by-step process of our energy and utilities executive search firm includes:

  • Developing a personalized priority list in coordination with hiring managers
  • Establishing a digital project management tool to streamline the process and promote transparency
  • Compiling a list of top energy and utilities industry performers
  • Coordinating our network of utilities executive search consultants across the country
  • Recruiting passive candidates
  • Scheduling interviews to align with hiring managers schedules
  • Employing a behavior-based interviewing technique to conduct quality screening
  • Scheduling assessment and skills testing
  • Conducting reference and background checks for top candidates
  • Providing status reports to measure the ongoing success of the project

Reach Out to RSI Today for a Nationwide Executive Search

As one of the top energy executive search firms in the nation, RSI is uniquely poised to unearth and attract industry leaders to work at your firm — even if they’re not actively searching for new employment. In addition to our experienced recruiters and proven strategic process, RSI’s success is dependent upon the expansiveness of our team. We’re not limited by our location — in fact, geographic diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

Our vast network of recruiters is spread across the country, including representation at every major city across the U.S. This allows us to stay plugged in with top candidates in every energy hub. Our coast-to-coast networking stays fast-moving and effective, leading to impressive results for your company. If you’re searching for top talent, you know where to come. Contact us today to learn more or begin your search and recruitment process.

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