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When you’re looking for a candidate to fill a leadership position, you need someone who will lead your company into the future. This person not only needs the specific skills required in your industry, but they also need the “soft skills,” which will allow them to work with others effectively. In addition, you will want an executive who fits in with your company culture and can enhance that atmosphere. In many cases, these qualities are not apparent in resumes alone.

When you work with our Honolulu Executive Search Recruiters, our dedicated team gets to know your specific needs. This allows us to deliver the exact candidate you need. Our recruiters are professionals with experience in your industry, so we understand what a successful executive looks like in your sector and can address when an executive may be interested in leaving their current position.

Most of all, Reaction Search International relies on data and analysis. We use a 25-point system for recruiting to analyze data and bring you metrics-driven results. Reaction Search International gives you interview reports and access to information about candidates so you can make an informed decision that best fits your team. We’re so confident we will find you the right candidate, we also offer an extended warranty to support the hiring process.

Reaction Search International provides clients with top-quality candidates and exceptional service to help foster future success and growth. We see ourselves as partners in your future growth, and we know we can help you with tomorrow’s success by bringing you the right candidates today. Contact us today to learn more.

Success in Your Honolulu Executive Search Depends on Data

As the capital and largest city of the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu is a center for tourism as well as a major trading and business hub. The city also has strong manufacturing, defense, and research and development sectors. Hawaiian Electric Industries, Matson Navigation Company, Alexander & Baldwin, Central Pacific Bank, Hawaii Pacific Health and Hawaiian Airlines all consider Honolulu home.

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Finding the right CFO, COO or CEO for your organization can feel like comparing apples to oranges. You may gain interest in your open position, but how do you compare professionally-written resumes to find candidates who are excited to work for your company and are also the right fit? How can you be sure you get talent genuinely committed to your future business success?

In Honolulu, your executive search with the right recruiting agencies can save you immense effort and time by screening candidates and bringing in only the talent which suits your needs. Recruiters can also reach out and communicate with passive job seekers, possibly collecting more quality candidates than with a simple job ad. This direct recruiting tactic is crucial when searching for executive and leadership positions. Someone who is currently a CEO may not be ready to announce their plans for a career change publicly.


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