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Hiring outstanding talent can weigh heavily on a transportation company. The process of searching for, recruiting and placing a new professional requires a significant amount of time and effort. And, unless they’re relying on the help of expert recruiters, employers must also consider the daunting risk of making a poor hiring choice, resulting in declining company morale and lowered productivity. They may even have to begin the hiring process again from scratch.

This challenge is why Recruitment Search International was born. As a specialized transportation executive search firm, we offer full-coverage search and recruitment services to ease the burden of talent acquisition for time-strapped employers. Our proven strategy and coast-to-coast networking team ensure we’ve got what it takes to find the very best candidates for the job. We’re known for finding and placing the nation’s top talent in a timely and transparent manner.

Read on to learn more about how we can help minimize your hiring risk and change the way you approach expanding your team.

RSI’s Unique Capabilities for Executive Recruitment

RSI is no stranger to the transportation industry. Our expert consultants possess decades of collective experience in the transportation field, having placed impressive candidates for a range of clients. From startups to Fortune 100 transportation firms, we’ve handled a multitude of hiring needs. In the past, these successful placements have included board members, CEOs, sales professionals, project managers, quality control agents, business developers and much more.

RSI Relies on a Network of Transportation Executive Headhunters Across the Country

More than any other industry, transportation talent can truly come from anywhere! Because high-caliber transportation professionals aren’t limited by location, RSI takes away these limitations, too. Our team of transportation executive search consultants is spread through major cities across the U.S., spanning from coast to coast.

With this network in place, we’re able to mobilize and use our connections across a variety of central hubs to find and place both active and passive candidates. Our nationwide team remains one of RSI’s greatest strengths, allowing for quick and effective recruitment regardless of where your company is based.

What RSI Looks For in Transportation Executive Candidates

No two industries are alike. While RSI works with a wide range of clients, we understand what makes transportation unique. Our industry insiders and decades of experience have led us to the top qualities to consider when hiring transportation executives. In addition to technical knowledge and impressive experience, we consider characteristics such as:

  • Teamwork: Transportation leaders need to possess strong people skills, including working well with a diverse team and communicating effectively with customers.
  • Technical know-how: As technology continues to advance, there is a growing need for transportation executives who possess a strong level of tech-savviness. From using 3D imaging and software to arrange freight transfer on a ship to monitoring shipments by satellite, we understand the importance of performance-enhancing technical knowledge.
  • Travel experience: Transportation industry leaders are often required by the nature of the job to travel extensively for short- or long-term trips. An experience with or openness to travel is a must for many executives.
  • Flexibility: The fast-paced and travel-heavy nature of the transportation industry requires many executives to work long hours. From late-night shifts to long travel weeks, we assess a candidate’s willingness and ability to modify their schedule and get the job done.
  • Stress management: During our transportation executive search, we consider each candidate’s strength in handling stressful situations. Most executives find themselves required to manage large-scale operations, problem-solve on short notice and juggle multiple tasks at once. Through interviews, reference checks and behavior-based assessments, we analyze whether candidates have what it takes to excel under high-pressure demands.

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If you’re wondering whether candidates have what it takes to succeed in your company, let’s eliminate the guesswork today. RSI uses a proven 25-step process to identify, assess and place premium talent in your industry. We connect clients to the candidates they need and watch the results unfold. Contact RSI today to begin your recruitment journey.


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