RSI Indianapolis Executive Recruiters Are Industry Insiders

At RSI, our Indianapolis Executive Search Recruiters are experts that have worked in the fields in which they now recruit. This means they not only understand the risks of hiring in your field but also have contacts they can draw on to help uncover the right candidates and talent for you. Since our recruiters speak your language, they understand the skills you need and can properly evaluate candidates through in-depth candidate reviews to ensure they have the know-how for each position you are hiring for.

Reduce Your Hiring Risk With RSI Executive Headhunters in Indianapolis

How much are you losing with shot-in-the-dark hiring? The hiring process is very expensive. You may need to advertise for a candidate, set aside time from your busy business to review candidates, check references and conduct interviews. In addition, may you expend considerable amounts of money attracting the right candidates with salaries, benefits and more. If a candidate is not the right fit, you then need to pay to start the hiring process all over again.

With RSI, we handle in-depth candidate reviews, candidate searches, reference tracks, background checks and more. We leave you more time to conduct your business and get ready for the right talent. At the same time, we lower the risk so the expensive cost of hiring the wrong person is greatly reduced. By bringing you only the candidates who meet all your requirements, we increase the odds you only have to recruit once.

To understand hiring risk, you need to consider hiring from the other perspective. Candidates are eager to put their best face forward. Many hire ghost writers or professionals to write their resumes and cover letters, meaning you may not be hearing from the candidate directly in an application. In addition, not all candidates are actively looking on job boards. Even finding the right candidate can be a challenge.

Once a candidate has found an interested company, they are often trained to give the best interviews possible. References from past jobs may provide a glowing review out of a sense of responsibility or professionalism, but you may not be getting the full story. RSI has industry connections and an in-depth process to get behind the professional veneer. We work hard to uncover the real soft skills, certifications, technical skills and culture fit to help bring you the most accurate picture possible, which you can use to make the right hiring decisions.

RSI Is Your Data-Driven Executive Recruiter in Indianapolis

As the capital of Indiana, Indianapolis is home to three Fortune 500 companies and many key industries, including finance, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, educational services, health care, wholesale trade and government. Executive search firms in Indianapolis compete to find the best professionals for top companies.

If you are in need of a C-suite executive or any new hire in the Indianapolis area, Reaction Search International stands out among Indianapolis recruiting agencies for its insider advantage, data-driven processes and complete commitment to finding you the right candidates.

To start getting real results while reducing your hiring risk, contact us at RSI to talk to us about your needs or contact us here to have one of our Recruiting experts call you.

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