Minneapolis Executive Search Recruiters with RSI Are Experts in Their Field

If you’re looking for Minneapolis recruiting agencies, you’ll want to find one with the experience to help you. We understand that every company and industry has unique needs, so we never take a cookie-cutter approach.

Reaction Search International executive search consultants are industry experts. They understand the major players in each sector and have contacts to uncover passive job seekers. Their industry expertise also ensures that they understand what it takes to succeed in the field. They can use this knowledge to find the right candidates for you. With executive recruiting especially, this ability can be a competitive advantage since some candidates may not be actively looking.

We utilize direct recruitment and a proactive 25-step recruitment process as well as quality screening and a data-driven approach. Reaction Search International relies on expertise and data — not chance — to find the ideal candidate. Your executive search will begin with a team of dedicated recruiters who get to know your company. Our persistence, knowledge and dedicated team will make the difference when your next hire counts.

To learn more about Reaction Search International and our extended guarantee for your peace of mind, contact us today to discuss the specifics of your executive search.

Make Your Minneapolis Executive Search Succeed With Reaction Search International

Minneapolis is not just one of the two Twin Cities — it’s also one of the larger municipal areas in Hennepin County and Minnesota at large. Second only to the economies of Detroit and Chicago when it comes to the Midwest, Minneapolis’s economy is known for banking, commerce, finance, trucking, rail, health care, industry, publishing, milling and other sectors. Five Fortune 500 companies and many smaller corporations and companies call Minneapolis home.

If you’re looking for a CFO, CEO or other executive for your organization in Minneapolis, you’ll have access to a large pool of candidates. However, you’ll also need to screen individuals, and you may encounter competition from the many other companies in the region. Working with our professional Minneapolis executive search recruiters can give you an edge.

How an Executive Search in Minneapolis Poises You for a Successful Hire

The hiring process for a leadership position can be time-consuming. You need to work on recruiting, pre-screening, interviewing and selecting the right fit for your company, not just in terms of skill but also in terms of soft skills and culture fit. Fortunately, a professional service can take care of these tasks for you and has the professional expertise to bring you the most qualified candidates.

The stakes are high when you’re looking for a c-suite executive. The right leadership can bring the right combination of vision and motivation as well as strategy to turn your organization into a Minneapolis success story. The wrong hire can result in high turnover, worker absenteeism, lost opportunities and another executive search to correct the problem. With professional services from Reaction Search International, you’ll be more likely to succeed with the first search.



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