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Reaction Search International (RSI) is your one stop solution for Austin Outplacement Solutions

We at Reaction Search International specialize in assisting companies in easing downsizing transitions. Our experts have worked with companies of all sizes. We ensure that your brand retains a positive image as an employer on a national level as well.

Why use RSI’s Outplacement Services ?

Our expertise lies in providing displaced employees with the most suitable employment opportunities in Austin, Texas. RSI offers Austin outplacement solutions that bring your employees value. We have a vast network of employment opportunities in our network; opportunities that most firms just do not have. Our outplacement products and technologies are designed to accommodate the requirements of both the largest and smallest companies. Our services allow workers to:

  • Take advantage of the best interview strategies
  • Customize job searches and networking
  • Submit professional resumes for job prospects
  • Make informed choices regarding job searches
  • Build personal brands as entrepreneurs


Premier Outplacement Services in Austin

We have worked with both national and international firms. From corporate sales executives to entire sales staffs, RSI is has provided outplacement solutions for employees at a range of employment levels for over 20 years.

Let our team work with yours and we will teach your outgoing employees to develop quality resumes that have market value. This way, outgoing employees get to focus on their careers while you focus on core operations.

Our expertise lies in guiding employees who are not relevant to your business. Not only does this enhance your brand’s image it ensures that such workers are placed in jobs that do their skills and qualifications justice. Our outplacement service experts know the market and have the connections you need to ensure that no unnecessary outplacements take place.

Career Transitions in Austin , Texas

Losing a job is hard. Reaction Search international offers the personalized attention that each employee needs when it comes to career transitions. Our aim is to make transitions as fast as possible. Some of our services include –

Job Searches

– We help clients develop personalized job search plans to make the process easier for client companies. Let us identify businesses that will suit your employees and engage them in ways that will help them find lucrative positions faster.


– Discuss why certain employees were laid off and ask us any questions about our processes. Our Austin outplacement solutions help clients set goals for your displaced employees.

Interview Preparations – Don’t leave employees in the lurch. We will prepare them in job interviews and help them take the job market by storm.


– RSI will help displaced employees deal with future salary negotiations and take the next step in their careers while you focus on other business priorities.

RSI offers Austin outplacement solutions to business from a variety of industries. Some of the industries we cater to include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Accounting
  • Telecommunications and Transport
  • Retail and Apparel
  • Real Estate
  • Pharmaceutical
  • And more
  • Sales
  • Companies that specialize in medical devices
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profits


Put your Trust in Us

Every business is different and so are business objectives. No one knows that better than our experts at RSI. We understand the needs and requirements of each client company before we come up with customized outplacement solutions for them. This allows us to create strategies that complement your business objectives and keep displaced employees motivated enough to move their careers forward.

If your business is looking for outplacement services in Austin, Reaction Search international has what you need.

Contact us at 1-512-389-0172 to find out how our solutions can benefit you and your employees.

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