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Corporate transitions are hard on both employers and employees. No one knows that better than us at Reaction Search International (RSI). We are dedicated to offering outplacement services in Charleston that bring you value.

Mergers, layoffs and situations that cause employers to displace employees come with problems. Who is going to ensure that these workers manage to get back in the workforce successfully and retain a positive image of the employer who is responsible for their unemployment in the first place? We know that you have every employee’s best interests at heart. However, your HR department might not be able to handle outplacements while working on their current responsibilities at the same time.

Career transitioning your Charleston Work force

Our aim is to make transitions more manageable for both employers and the people whom they are responsible for. All employees deserve successful career transitions no matter what their skill levels are. Not only does this prepare them for the future, they are provided resources that suit their requirements.

Outplacement solutions from RSI are designed to ensure success. We provide services to businesses from a variety of industries. Our experience spans 20 years. Needless to say, our programs have been tried and tested to work. In other words, we have your and your employees’ best interests in mind. This is why our Charleston outplacement services are highly personalized according to each worker’s skills, job requirements and of course, your business objectives. Our experts will prepare your employees tackle the job market by:

In order to help your employees with the transition, we offer:

  • Resume Distribution to Hiring Managers and Decision Makers
  • Professional Resume Writing (Creating a Resume from scratch or Modifying a current Resume)
  • The Best Interviewing Techniques
  • Job Search Strategies
  • One on One Career Coaching
  • Linkedin Branding (Creation or Modifying)
  • Private Career Portal
  • Guidance in Cover letters, Thank you notes, and other follow-up techniques
  • Training in job search skills including Networking, Interviewing and Salary Negotiation


Outplacement Services for every Industry in Charleston

Reaction Search International caters to a variety of industries regardless of size. To us, your business is more than a number. We carry out in-depth analyses of every business according to its specific industry before delivering personalized services. This includes industries that involve:

  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Financial Service
  • Food Products
  • Government
  • Human Resources
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Industrial
  • Internet & New Media
  • Legal
  • Journalism & Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Device
  • Non-Profit
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Real Estate
  • Retail & Apparel
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications and Transportation
  • And more


Why Use RSI’s Charleston Outplacement Services?

Outplacement solutions in Charleston do more than protect employees. They protect employers from incurring possible legal actions. Employees may feel slighted and react negatively if they feel that they have been laid off without reason. Your business cannot afford a lawsuit on top of downsizing, important mergers or transitions. The best way to prevent something like that from happening is to offer outplacement solutions as part of severance packages.

RSI allows your Human Resource department to carry out current duties while planning for the transition in their stead. Let us guide the employees whom you think are not relevant to your business. We also ensure that no unnecessary transition takes place. Once you out your trust in us, we will never disappoint.

In eliminating redundancies in the workplace, it is important to put in as much effort into supporting the people who are affected by it. Not only does this have the potential to secure an employee’s future, it will maintain your brand’s image. You can put your trust in Reaction Search International.
Call us today to learn more about our Charleston Outplacement and Career Transition Services 1-800-832-8268 or reach out to and we will send you a breakdown of our services with pricing.

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