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Outplacement services in San Diego offer employers more benefits than they can imagine. They make transitions easier and take such complicated tasks off your hands. Reaction Search International (RSI) serves as a one stop outplacement solution provider for business owners in San Diego, nationwide and internationally as well. Our San Diego Outplacement Services team can assist all levels of employees.

Why Outplacement Solutions for your San Diego Employees?

A lot of employers offer outplacement assistance programs in order to provide emotional and technical support to employees who are terminated. The reasons can range from poor performances to mergers that require business owners to downsize their workforce. Other reasons may include:

  • Change in management
  • Business relocations
  • Economic hardship
  • Acquisitions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Elimination of specific positions


RSI helps former employees find new jobs. Our San Diego Outplacement Services team works with them as individuals or as groups by offering the following services:

  • Resume Distribution to Hiring Managers and Decision Makers
  • Professional Resume Writing (Creating a Resume from scratch or Modifying a current Resume)
  • The Best Interviewing Techniques
  • Job Search Strategies
  • One on One Career Coaching
  • Linkedin Branding (Creation or Modifying)
  • Private Career Portal
  • Guidance in Cover letters, Thank you notes, and other follow-up techniques
  • Training in job search skills including Networking, Interviewing and Salary Negotiation


The Outplacement Advantage

Employers have a lot to gain by adding our outplacement services to their severance packages. Here are some of the many:

Increase Morale

Employees who are safe will be just as unsettled by lay-offs as the ones who are terminated. Outplacements show that you care about the welfare of your employees even after they leave your service. Solutions from Reaction Search International ensure that talented employees are retained


Terminations handled poorly are PR disasters waiting to happen. Word of mouth travels fast and disgruntled employees tend to take their frustrations out online or amongst their peers. Your company’s public image and reputation is on the line. Outplacement solutions from Reaction Search International will give outgoing employees the chance to focus on moving their own careers forward.

Prevent Liability

Litigations are common in the world of business. Your aim is to ensure that your business never ends up on the wrong side of a lawsuit. But that is exactly what may happen if a terminated employee or employees decide to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against you. San Diego outplacement solutions from RSI prevent such emotional repercussions. We ensure that all outplacements are handled with dignity and fairness. In addition, our services have also proven to be cost effective for employers looking to avoid legal risks that are often associated with sudden layoffs.

Our San Diego Outplacement Services Catering to Every Industry

Reaction Search International has been providing outplacement services for over 20 years. During this time, we have worked with businesses from a vast range of industries such as:

Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace & Defense, Biotechnology, Banking, Board and CEO Services, Computer Hardware, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products, Computer Software and Hardware, Education, Energy & Utilities, Entertainment & Sports, Financial Services, Food Products, Government, Human Resources, Health Care, Hospitality & Tourism, Insurance, Industrial, Internet & New Media, Legal, Journalism & Publishing, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Non-Profit, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Retail & Apparel, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation.

Customized Services Career Transitions

We offer a highly personalized service. This is because we know that every employer’s business objectives are unique. Our solutions are tailored to fit your own and every individual outgoing employee’s requirements.

Employees aren’t the only ones who are affected by terminations. Employers and organizations stand to lose a lot if these terminations or layoffs are not handled properly. Emotions run high. Employees do not know or cannot accept their situations and tend to blame their employers. Business owners know that such situations can spiral out of control fast. Outplacement services in San Diego soften the blow by diverting their attention away from your organization and towards continuing their own careers. Contact our experts at Reaction Search International to find out more.

Give us a call today to about our San Diego Outplacement and Career Transition Services 1-619-684-4921 or reach out to and we will send you a breakdown of our services with pricing.

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