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San Jose Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Reaction Search International (RSI) specializes in offering customized Outplacement and Career Transition Services to small and large businesses alike. Our expertise lies in providing your employees the resources they need to help them look for the type of employment opportunities that will make the best of their abilities.

Our experts are experienced in delivering solutions at the executive level. It doesn’t matter whether your displaced employee is an executive, a member of a sales staff or an entire workforce. We offer tailored services that cater to the individual needs and preferences of each employee.

The San Jose Outplacement Advantage

RSI aims to provide outplacement strategies and services that bring you value. Let us take problematic and tedious displacements off your hands. We will equip your employees to take on the job market once again and focus on continuing their own careers while your focus on growing or maintaining your bottom line. Some of the services we offer in this regard include:

  • Professional resume writing
  • Building personal brands as entrepreneurs
  • Developing personal brands
  • Resume Distribution to the actual hiring managers
  • Access to technologies that help employees stay connected and enhance exposure
  • Interview Preparation
  • Make informed choices concerning job searches
  • Personalized solutions for their career goals
  • Proven job search strategies


Why you Need Outplacement Services in San Jose

It doesn’t matter whether your company is going through downsizing, mergers or corporate restructuring. How you handle layoffs is crucial for your corporate image. Outplacement services from Reaction Search International ensure that you always look forward.

Not only do such incentives improve employee morale, they encourage them to be more productive and motivated in their respective roles. In addition, such solutions also protect a company from possible future litigations. Promote a positive image of your brand during times of change.

Our San Jose Outplacement Services Catering to Every Industry
Reaction Search International has partnered with businesses from a variety of industries across the globe. Some of the many include powerful industries such as:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Biotechnology
  • Banking
  • Board and CEO Services
  • Computer Hardware
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Consumer Products
  • Computer Software and Hardware
  • Education
  • Energy & Utilities


We do an in depth review of your business objectives and your candidates. This allows us to take talent outplacement to the next level. Most organizations lack the resources and staff necessary to displace scores of employees. As a result, they often resort to cookie cutter solutions or offer outplacements to transitioning employees in group settings. Not every employee has the same skills, preferences and career goals. As a result such initiatives prove to be ineffective.

This is where we come in. Our certified career coaches give each member of your outgoing workforce with the individual attention he/she needs. This takes such tasks off our clients’ hands. In addition, such an approach also ensures that each employee is provided with a personalized approach.

A comprehensive range of employment resources allows us to provide some of the most cost effective outplacement services in San Jose no matter the size of a business. We utilize the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your outgoing workforce is equipped to deal with the most demanding job requirements. Our aim is to help them land careers that they deserve.

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Outplacements and layoffs are difficult on both employers as well as employees. No one knows that better than us at Reaction Search International. We offer a courteous and patient service. Contact us to find out how our San Jose outplacement solutions can make career transitions easier.

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