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As one of the largest recruiting companies in the United States, the team at Reaction Search International (RSI) has been working long and hard to find and fill executive roles throughout our great city. We have been in the industry for more than a decade, and whether we are filling in a lower position, or something very senior, RSI has you covered. This is especially true when it comes to our succession management services, and with our recruiters on your side, your position will be filled in no time. RSI’s Portland Succession Management Team works to implement the most functional Succession planning and processes for your company.

How RSI can assist with your Portland Succession management position

We have been the go-to executive search firm in the city of Portland for more than a decade, and we are here to support you. Our company was founded to be a difference-maker when it came to executive search, and our old school approach to recruiting has ensured that our brand can mean nothing but excellence.

RSI recruiters employ a hands-on approach to recruiting that ensures that we can to know you and your brand. We want to know what you are looking for in terms of a candidate, the soft and hard skills that they should have and what the company is like. This is because here at RSI, we do more than find a warm body for your succession management position, we find someone that will be able to flourish in their position. Our on the ground recruiters will walk you through the steps, and no matter if you are looking for a new President or a new Director, we are here for you.

The Portland Succession Management Specialty Team provides services for clients in the Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Banking, Biotechnology, Construction, Consumer Products, Computer Software & Hardware, Education, Energy and Utilities, Finance, Government, Human Resources, Healthcare, Insurance, IT, Industrial, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical, Non Profit, Pharmaceutical, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation industries.

What is succession management

Succession management is more than just a wonderful buzzword that human resources have created to do work; it is a valuable part of any businesses operating plan. Succession management is the creation, maintenance and deployment of a succession plan in case a senior leader or critical employee leave the company on a short-term or long-term basis. These plans can include movement within the company or having outside hires. As well, succession management professionals can work within the confines of your organization to create talent management plans to identify future leaders in case you want to keep hiring in-house. From large corporations to local companies here in Portland, a succession management plan is not only smart, but it is also a way to ensure your business has a future, no matter the changes that happen at the top.

If you are interested in talking about filling a succession management position here in Portland, then it is about time that we talked! Contact us or reach out here to set up a time to discuss your Succession needs.  We can’t wait to get started with your succession management executive search here in our fantastic city!

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