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Reaction Search International has become one of the leading providers of human capital in the US. Operating for more than 20 years, our clientele hail from Fortune 500 companies and we have the networking capabilities to bring you the very best in talent acquisitions in the nonprofit industry. We go above and beyond what you expect of a traditional recruiting company. We transcend your expectations because of the very fact that we have the best of Louisville nonprofit executive search recruiters.

Real World Experience and Excellence in the Louisville Nonprofit Executive Search Sector

The thing that makes us stand out of the box in comparison a majority of US human resource recruiters is the very fact that our teams of proficient and diligent non-profit headhunters have real world experience. This means that our professional executive searchers and recruiters have a deep-routed knowledge of the industry, its trend and what exactly to expect from potential candidates.

This also allows them to locate and pluck candidates that truly have what it takes to work for you. Unlike many other companies, we are not used to just handing out a list of potential candidates for you to figure out who to hire. We give you a list of solid candidates who you wouldn’t think twice about recruiting.

Our Specialty

Our highly trained Louisville non-profit recruiters excel in making topnotch placements in various non-profit executive departments. Whether you’re planning to open a new department or are looking to enhance your current workforce, we can provide you with some of the best talent acquisitions, unmatched by any other in the US.

Who Do We Look For?

At RSI, we only search for talent that has the skills, the knowledge and the experience to excel in your prestigious organization. Our candidate screening procedures are very efficient; on top of that our recruitment agents know what exactly to ask and expect from the candidates we pick for you. In light of this, given below are the qualities we look for in non-profit candidates:

  • Ability to Sell
  • Abilities to Work in Groups
  • People Orientation
  • Excellence in Communication Skills
  • Diligence and Creativity
  • Synthesizing Abilities
  • Analytical Decision Making
  • Innovative Ideas to Promote Fund Raisers
  • Public Relation Skills
  • Hard Workers and Self-Starters

Non-profit organizations are all about public relations, and we understand the need for professional PR managers and associates who can promote your business and get you the funds necessary to complete your objectives. And because of our nationwide talent base and networking, we were able to go global. And now we have an extensive human resource recruitment base that can get your overseas talents as well.

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