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Recruitment services in Chicago, Illinois don’t come any better than the services that are offered by the experts at Reaction Search International (RSI). Our Chicago Automotive Executive Search Recruitment team can help you find candidates whose skills, talents and qualifications serve your business objectives the best.

The automotive industry is highly competitive. It doesn’t matter whether you own or work for a Fortune 500 company or private manufacturer. Aspects such as quality control and core operations need to work like well oiled machines in all aspects of business. We can bring you the qualified personnel you need on short notice while you focus on core operations.

The certified recruiters at Reaction Search International are industry experts who can find you suitable candidates for a wide range of positions in your automotive business.

Serving a Broad Range of Talent in the Chicago Area


Executive Level

You need leaders at the executive level, not followers. We can find suitable candidates for positions such as chief operating officers, vice presidents, presidents and chief executive officers for you whether you own an OEM or other type of automotive company.


The people in your engineering department must have an eye for detail and have the skills necessary to do their positions justice. We can find you suitable candidates for positions such as design engineers, product engineers, simulation engineers and product engineers to name a few.


The aftermarket is a secondary market in the automotive industry and involves manufacturing, re-manufacturing, distribution of vehicle parts and other components after a vehicle has been sold off by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We can help narrow your search for positions in this field such as marketing managers, directors, distribution managers, channel managers, sales account managers and even vice president of sales and marketing.

Reduce your Hiring Risk in Chicago

How can our  Chicago automotive executive search in Chicago, Illinois benefit your business? At RSI, we specialize in providing short term access to key skills and know that such skills are necessary for corporate growth. Talent is short and your competitors will try to draw the best candidates to themselves. Situations such as mergers or transitions may require you to focus on core operations more rather than recruitments. Leave your recruitments to us. We have the resources and networks to search for suitable candidates that have the capabilities necessary to lead the next generation of business. Our professional recruitment experts are experienced in their particular fields and have your best interests at heart.

Reaction Search International searches for candidates not applicants. In other words, we assess prospects and forward the resumes of people who we know will suit YOUR objectives and have the skills that you are looking for. We know that a lack of resources and time may not allow you to be as thorough as you need to be in processes such as these. However, recruitments are crucial in ensuring business growth.

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If you are looking for recruitment services in Chicago, Illinois we would like to hear from you. Contact us and one of our professional recruiters will discuss the options that are available to you. We are here to help. 1-312-528-0518.

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