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RSI Executive Search for Houston, Texas Automotive Executive Search in Houston, Texas don’t come any better than those offered by Reaction Search International. Let us make your search for the best talent easier on you. Our aim is to make it possible for you to acquire the best candidates in the automotive industry before the completion.

Corporate changeovers and mergers often leave companies with talent gaps. However, a business owner cannot always put core operations on the back burner in order to fill these gaps. Our recruitment services in Houston, Texas spare you from hiring a full time HR department just to find the ideal candidates. We offer recruitments at the executive level.

Product Development Innovations are the main driving force behind product development when it comes to automotive operations. Operations that are about product development are complex systems that need to be managed holistically by personnel who are not only experienced in what they do but also have the leadership skills necessary to lead the next generation of business. We can use our unlimited resources to find you such candidates for positions like chief engineers, Directors, product development engineers and design engineers.

A Nationwide Industrial Executive Search Firm Network in Houston, TX:

Reaction Search International has completed executive searches for clients who come from Fortune 500 companies to private or mid level public manufacturers

Sales and Marketing Your sales and marketing department ensures that consumers know who you are and that your products or services gain the exposure they need to keep you competitive. A fired employee can leave a huge gap in your sales processes. Let us help you find candidates for available vacancies such as sales engineers, account managers, sales managers, Directors, Vice President of Sales, program managers and application engineers.

Engineering From making cars drive themselves to making cars drive faster while keeping safety in mind, automotive engineering strives to innovate. Suffice it to say, candidates that can specialize has automotive engineers do not only need to have insight but the foresight to predict emerging trends and suggest plans that counter them . We can help you find prime candidates for positions like product engineers, design engineers, process engineers, quality engineers and simulation engineers.

Our coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Retailers and dealerships
  • Transport services
  • Aftermarket parts suppliers
  • Tier One, Two and other suppliers

We are affiliated with agencies that enjoy repute in the automotive industry like the SPE or Society of Plastics Engineers and the Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE. Reaction Search International is also a proud member of the OESA or Original Equipment. These affiliations and our global reach allow us to provide our clients with strategic advantages when it comes to securing the best candidates.

When automotive companies need to cut back to survive they often lose strength. The companies of today need to be versatile in volatile markets and need employees who can adapt to changes faster while keeping corporate visions and objectives secure. Such candidates must also have strategic visions, the capability to discern risks, to grow and be commercial savvy at the same time. The baby boomer generation is up for retirement which makes it imperative for automotive companies to identify, train and retain leaders who can lead the next generation of business.

At Reaction Search International, our aim is to provide you value. We know that planning or designing new production processes requires strategic approaches. You need a workforce that is not only experienced in such approaches but also has the ability to lead the generation that will follow.

Contact us to ask us about our recruitment services in Houston, Texas. Our consultants will discuss your objectives with you and allow you to take a more informed approach towards recruitment processes that will bring you value in the long run.

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