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Miami Executive Search Services for Automotive Companies Reaction Search International (RSI) is your best source for Automotive Executive Search in Miami, Florida. We have been in the recruitment service for years and can provide you with the best candidates according to your immediate employment needs. From major OEMs (Original Equipment Suppliers) to small automotive parts manufacturers, we can find employees who are perfect for your company.

The automotive industry is affected by aspects such as environmental regulations, price pressured low margins global entrants and others. Needless to say, corporate changeovers can have a significant impact on operations especially when replacements or layoffs come into the mix. The baby boomer generation is well on its way towards retirement. In a highly competitive automotive industry, you need employees who are capable of leading the next generation of business.

Let us at RSI help you find suitable candidates who can lead your company to success.

Reaction Search International the Leader in Miami Automotive Executive Search Reaction Search International is committed to finding candidates who can be of value to your company; not just applicants who fit a specific job description. In other words, we can find you prospects who have the skills, expertise and experience necessary to be valuable for your business objectives.

Coverage Reaction Search International offers coverage in the following:

  • OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Retailers and dealership groups
  • Transport service providers
  • Automotive, specialty vehicles and trucks
  • Tier One, Two and other suppliers

Services We specialize in searching for candidates in specific careers in the automotive industry. By determining the type of career a prospect wants to pursue and whether they have the will to succeed, RSI can resolve your search for new industrial professionals successfully. Our expertise lies in offering recruitment services for the following levels –

Executive Level At Reaction Search International, we know how valuable executives are for your company. An executive is not only responsible for ensuring that the corporate vision is realized across all departments. He is also responsible for acting as an interface between the employees and stakeholders. In addition, an executive also has a say in corporate matters and major decisions.

Needless to say, a talent gap at the executive level can cost you. However, chances are that core operations prevent you from screening candidates who fit the bill. Let us take the employment process off your hands. We can find you suitable candidates for positions like chief executive officers, president, vice president and chief operating officer.

Sales and Marketing It doesn’t matter whether you own a large automotive company or a small one. Word of mouth advertising isn’t always going to cut it when it comes to promoting your business. This is why companies rely on sales and marketing departments for promotional operations. We can help you search for the perfect candidates for positions like sales engineers, sales managers, account managers, Director, program managers, application engineers and even a candidate who can serve as a Vice President of Sales.

What sets RSI’s Miami Headhunters apart from others? The recruitment experts at Reaction Search International have been trained to best service for your automotive executive search requirements. From Fortune 500 companies to PE backed suppliers; we have provided recruitment services for both large and small projects.

Contact us at Reaction Search International to ask us about our automotive recruitment services in Miami, Florida. We can customize our recruitment services according to your specific requirements. Let our consultants discuss your business objectives with your team. Our expertise lies in identifying, screening and forwarding the resumes of candidates who we think suit your objectives the best. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us today at 305-533-9905!

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