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Reaction Search International the Leader in St. Louis Automotive Recruitment When it comes to automotive recruitment services in St. Louis, Missouri you need a service that can provide you with all inclusive services. Welcome to Reaction Search International; a service that specializes in connecting the right candidates with the right employers.

The automotive industry is affected by a host of issues such as priced pressured low points, financial pressures, environmental regulations that compel them to cut omissions, new global entrants, fluctuating demand or markets and other factors on a regular basis. Employers often have to cut back in order to survive. This often results in layoffs or mergers which can lead to talent gaps that can have a devastating effect on your operations.

You need employees who can drive transitions and facilitate smart growth by adapting to change as it happens. The baby boomer generation is going into retirement and fast. Leaders need to be developed and retained in order to ensure the integrity of companies. We can provide you with the workforce you are looking for.

From Fortune 500 companies to small PE backed suppliers, the expert recruiters at Reaction Search International are experienced in handling recruitment projects from a range of firms. Our aim is to provide you services that offer you the best value for the long term.

Reaction Search International’s coverage extends but is not limited to the following:

  • Aftermarket Parts Suppliers
  • OEMs or Original Equipment Suppliers
  • Automotives, specialty vehicles and trucks
  • Retailers and dealerships
  • Tier One, Two and other suppliers
  • And more

Our services extend all the way up to the executive level:

Executive Positions From product development engineers to directors, design engineers and chief engineers; our recruitment experts can find you ideal candidates for positions at the executive level. We know that executives are required to make major decisions that affect all departments. In addition to having a say in policies they are also responsible for acting as interfaces between the community that they serve and stakeholders. Our experienced team can utilize our wide range of resources and find talent that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Product Development Quality control and innovation are very important when it comes to product development. In order to ensure that this department grows you need to fill vacancies with candidates who have leadership abilities, skills and experience in similar situations. Let us do this for you while you focus on other matters. We can find you suitable candidates for positions such as directors, design engineers, chief engineers and product development engineers.

Aftermarket While the aftermarket is a secondary market in the automotive industry, its importance cannot be denied. This sector deals with distributions, chemicals, equipment and other aspects that follow after a vehicle has been sold by an OEM or Original Equipment Supplier. We can find you suitable candidates for positions in your aftermarket department such as vice president of sales and marketing, distribution managers, channel managers and more.

Contact us at Reaction Search International to ask us about our recruitment services in St. Louis, Missouri for companies that specialize in the automotive industry. We ensure that you receive candidates who can drive smart growth and maintain it for the long term.

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