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Are You Ready To Return To Work?

Deciding when and if you want to go back to work after having children can be a burdensome task.  You’ll likely have many factors pulling you in different directions.  A new study has proven that it is crucial that you think about what you yourself really want to do.

New research conducted by Brigham Young University shows that if women do the opposite of what they want to do whether that be choosing to return to work or choosing to stay at home they are much more susceptible to developing serious depression.  Brigham Young University studied over one-thousand first-time mothers at varying points postpartum between one and thirty-six months.

For those who achieved their desired status whether that be returning to work or becoming a stay-at-home mom only fourteen percent developed clinical depression.  The rate of depression was noticeably higher among those mom’s forced to do the opposite of what they really wanted to do, twenty-five percent of women in that situation developed clinical depression.

What is even more concerning is the percentage of women who are stuck doing what they do no want to do. Over seventy percent of the new moms studied did not do what they want to do postpartum.  That is a heavy majority of women not leading the life they desire.  Whether that means they are forced to go back to work or forced to stay at home.

The study also discovered that a lot of moms really wanted to find part-time work and could only find full-time positions or couldn’t find an employer who was willing to take on a new mother.  The study was published in the journal Human Relations.

It seems that many women find that their views on working change drastically after becoming a mother.  Some moms who were once extremely dedicated to their work desire a step back from their career while other mother’s who are certain they’ll want to stay home in order to help raise the kids discover that they quickly become restless and want to return to their careers.  What researchers found is that it is pretty much impossible to predict how you will feel and what you will want to do after giving birth.  It is likely that your desires will change over time.

It is important that you give yourself or your spouse, whichever may be the case, the freedom to change their mind.

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