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Leadership Skills and Styles
Feb 7th, 2013
Leadership Skills and Styles By Robert Boroff  | Google + Common leadership characteristics are widely known, but are there specific leadership styles that are more effective in different work environments? The author Daniel Goleman believes so. In his book, Primal Leadership, he describes six leadership styles: ‘Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic, Pacesetting, and Commanding.’ A good leader…
Would You Move for The Right Job?
Feb 5th, 2013
Would You Move For The Right Job? By Robert Boroff  | Google + It’s a story we all know well, somebody you know reaches the position they’ve been striving for throughout their entire career and suddenly your once humble colleague becomes an arrogant manager. Often people in this predicament become increasingly…
Making Informed Decisions
Feb 1st, 2013
Making Informed Decisions By Robert Boroff  | Google + As the manager for a company, at any level and of any size, you are forced to make decisions on a daily basis. For every manager, your ability to make appropriate decisions is what landed you in your current management role, so…
How to Manage the Virtual Workplace
Jan 30th, 2013
How to Manage the Virtual Workplace By Robert Boroff  | Google + Over the past few decades technology has changed drastically, and as a result companies have been forced to change with it. As the companies around us change it has become vital for the employees and management to change as…
5 Ways to Engage With Your Customers
Apr 23rd, 2012
As any good business person knows, to be successful you have to have a good product or service. But in today's weak economy that may not be enough. Many companies are looking for ways to engage their customers to increase their interest. Here are five ways you can do so:…
Engage Your Customers To Boost Business
Feb 21st, 2012
Engage Your Customers To Boost Business Any good business man knows, to be successful you have to make your customers happy.  But that may not be enough, you may need more than a good product in today’s weak economy.  Many companies are looking for ways to engage their customers to…
Steps Towards Successful Communication
Dec 22nd, 2011
Steps Towards Successful Communication In the corporate world, communication can act as a double-edged sword.  On one hand, it is paramount to ensuring the presence of a business in the first place. That is, without it, members of the organization would be unsure of what they were responsible for doing.…

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