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Do You Work By Moon Light?

Jobs aren’t nearly as secure as they used to be.  Even if you do feel as if your current position is fairly reliable, it’s likely that you’re not making the amount you would like to. This economic insecurity has led many to seek part time work in addition to their full time positions.  Now more than ever moonlighting is becoming a way to survive.  Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your second job.

Jane Porter of the Wall Street Journal interviewed CEO Scott Blesky about his opinions about working a second job at night.  The resulting conversation can be found here.  Blesky suggests you work in a different capacity than you do during the day.  He argues this is important even if you like what you do.  We all know that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Ask anybody who has worked in an ice cream shop for an extended period of time how they feel about ice cream and the answer is most likely going to be negatively.  Alternatively you should pursue another passion of yours.  Utilize this time as an opportunity to learn a new trait and put your talents into action.  That way you make yourself more marketable as a candidate in different industries and you’ll find that you don’t feel stretched too thin.

Blesky also suggests you be open about what you’re doing.  Before doing so however, you should check your employee contract and any other regulations issued by your place of employment.  You’ll also want to read through local working time regulations and talk to your tax or financial advisor about what the tax implications will be of your second source of income.  If everything checks out let your boss know but emphasize the fact that it wont in anyway hurt your work performance.  It’s better not to keep part-time work a secret from your manager as you don’t want this second job to jeopardize your career.  Co-workers may prove to be valuable resources here as they may help to build up your customer base and may have advice and referrals.  Additionally Blesky suggests you give yourself a schedule to help maximize your time.  Perhaps you can talk to your boss about consolidating your hours into fewer days.  After setting that schedule stick to your deadlines.  You’ll need to establish reliability in this new industry if you wish to be successful.

Another option to consider when choosing a part time evening job is entrepreneurship.  Starting your own business can be a timely and costly affair but if done on a low scale it doesn’t have to involve all that much risk.  Choose a passion of yours for which you already have a lot of resources and knowledge.  If you hope to someday open a bakery, start by selling gift baskets and catering events before you raise enough money to purchase or rent an actual shop.  It’s also important that you develop a strong business plan and budget.  Creating your own business can be a lot of fun and will ideally provide you with some extra income.  It is also a lot less risky if done at a small scale and you are continuing your day job.

Having to take on a second job doesn’t have to be horrible.  If you work doing something you are talented at or that you are interested in you’ll likely find it rewarding and may find that it gives you the financial security you need.

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