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Do Your Homework in Order to Land and Ace the Job Interview

We are often told that we need to be proactive in the quest for a new job.  An employment opportunity isn’t likely to simply fall into your lap thus you’re going to need to go out and find one.  While online job sites can be helpful, taking the additional step to go out and find unadvertised positions may make a huge difference in your success rate.
In order to learn about new job openings you’re likely going to need network connections.  Take advantage of networking events in your area, especially career fairs and other such opportunities.  The more people you have in your contacts the more likely it is that somebody will work for a company that you’re interested in or at the very least know somebody who you can contact at a company your interested in.  Contacting a current employee is a great way to find out about available job opportunities at a particular company and can help you to prep for your interview.
Another great resource for job candidates are company job sites.  Some companies rely on their websites for advertising new opportunities, don’t wait for them to post listings on sites such as Craig’s List or Monster.  A lot of companies have internal resources for those interested in potential opportunities so if you tap into these resources you’re likely to simplify the process for both the human resources department and yourself.  Moreover you’ll likely get your application in before the rest of the competition.
Once you find an opening it is important that you research the company.  Be sure to investigate the state of their finances, the last thing you want to do is to enter a company currently engaging in mass downsizing or a company restructuring, if you do you’re likely to have lost your job just as quickly as you landed it.  Google Finance, Google News and Morningstar can help you to track the finances of all publicly traded companies.  You’ll also want to research that company’s competitors. Find out what other opportunities are out there and how this particular company matches up.  The company’s website should give you a good feel for the company’s overall culture.
Additionally you should research those will be interviewing with, any and all future managers and co-workers.  A good resource for this is the advanced search option available at Linked In, that way you’ll be able to find mutual connections and discover any personal similarities.

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