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Get Linked In

By Robert Boroff | Google +

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, get one already! Even if you are not actively seeking employment, you should still use LinkedIn to build your professional career. Also, it will be incredibly useful if/ when you decide to make a career-enhancing move. We know you want that promotion, or that new job that bumps your salary up and cuts your commute in half. Often times the first step toward that new position is the hardest step of all. With LinkedIn, you can easily begin rolling the ball in your direction. There are many reasons to join LinkedIn and maintain an up-to-date profile, ESPECIALLY if you are on the hunt for a new job. These are some of the main reasons.

Networking: As the old adage says, “it’s not about what you know; it’s who you know.” In today’s social media age, this statement could not be truer. LinkedIn allows you to connect with friends and colleagues in a professional digital environment. You can also expand your professional network by joining groups and discussions on various topics that interest you.

Brand Enhancement: You are a brand. Social media is a tool for marketing your brand to the world. Fortunately, you don’t have to advertise Facebook photos of your drunken escapades to employers. LinkedIn is a professional social networking website that gives you an opportunity to promote your professional side.

Keep in touch with business partners and clients: Social media brings the world closer together. Think of all the people you haven’t talked to in years to whose lives Facebook has given you a front row seat. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to take this type of loose-friendship to a different, more formal level. Keeping in touch with past business partners and clients will expand your professional network and open up all sorts of business opportunities.

Showcase your work experience and skills: To get that elusive position or that highly sought promotion you will first have to put yourself out there. This is what I can bring to the table. These are my skills. Also, your LinkedIn profile is the perfect place to display references. Your connections can leave detailed reference quotes on your profile page that help employers can get a better taste of who you really are and what you can add to their company.

Make yourself available to employers: LinkedIn is one of the tools companies use when they search for potential candidates to fill a highly sought position. If you are qualified for a top-notch occupation, companies will want you. When it comes to building your professional career, it is important to open up as many doors as possible.

Robert Boroff Executive Profile Managing Director Reaction Search International

•       Uses over 17 years of industry experience to provide clients with proven recruiting strategies that garner results

•       Leads a team of Executive Recruiters in fulfilling clients important hiring needs in a time and cost-effective manner

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•       Experienced in recruiting for a dynamic mix of industries, including Banking,Biotechnology, Construction, Consumer Products, Finance, Food & Beverage,Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology,Insurance,Marketing, and Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Retail,Sales,Telecommunications executive search & recruitment

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