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It can be hard to find qualified employees for your executive-level jobs. The right candidates often have jobs already or don’t see your advertisement for the position. So how can you find the right person for your company? Here are six ways you can connect with better job candidates.

1. Consider Internal Candidates

Often the best candidate already works on your team. Internal candidates have an edge over those from the outside. They know your company culture and understand how things work at your organization. You know they can get along with other members of your team. Make sure to post your job internally to find good candidates.

2. Advertise on Social Media

Spreading the word about open positions on social media can generate word of mouth for your company. You may hear from candidates who never would have discovered your company if not for a LinkedIn post. While generally the quality of candidates from social media won’t be as high, because anyone can see the ad, it’s worth the chance to expand your candidate pool.

3. Look to Local Universities

Recent college graduates can make fantastic employees. Their energy, motivation and desire to learn can make up for inexperience. While your executive-level positions may not be open to recent grads, you can make connections with the alumni department and advertise jobs to those a few years out of college, who have the experience you need for higher-level positions. You can also keep an eye on recent graduates as they gain more experience.

4. Write Catchy Job Descriptions

When you look for new executives, you need to stand out from companies offering similar jobs. Having the most creative and interesting-sounding job description can draw attention from people who might not otherwise apply for a position with your company. Don’t exaggerate, though. Only include accurate and realistic information about the work.

5. Advertise Your Benefits

Many executive-level positions have outstanding benefits packages. Flaunt those benefits when you write your job descriptions. Strong benefits can attract candidates who may not have considered your position. Include things such as:

  • Details on vacation and sick leave
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • On-site daycare options
  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) contributions

Anything you can think of that may pique people’s interest, even including a company parking space or gym membership, could draw candidates to your job listing.

6. Use Current Employees as a Sounding Board

Poll your existing employees to learn where they heard about your job openings and what attracted them to their positions. Use their feedback to direct your strategy. You may discover something you hadn’t thought of when creating your initial hiring plan.

Where Can I Find Qualified Employees to Fill Executive Positions?

A recruiting firm can identify the right candidates for your job opening. In fact, the best way to find qualified employees is to use Reaction Search International to fill your open positions. We have a unique 25-step executive placement process that identifies the best-qualified candidates for your company. Contact us today to discuss your recruiting needs.

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