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At RSI we combine exceptional expertise of the aerospace market with the growing trends of the industry – which gives us a phenomenal edge when it comes to recruiting aerospace professionals. With an industry experience of more than two decades our teams of dedicated recruiters strive to bring you the best of the best in the industry. Our Louisville Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Executive Search Firm has a strong understanding and relationship with numerous aerospace clients that range from fortune 100 defense chemical companies and aerospace departments.

Fine-cut technology, revolutionary design and sophisticated manufacturing are the three most major elements of the Aerospace and Defense industry. After all, this brilliant industry is responsible for designing and manufacturing innovative feats of complex engineering, not to mention defense equipment.

The Louisville Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Executive Search industry demands nothing but an employee with specialized skill sets to support companies at every stage.

At RSI we have a dedicated team that specializes in aerospace and defense, which allows them to provide clients with acquisitions that transcend a set standard that aerospace companies operate with.

How We Bring you the Best Candidates to Louisville

Thanks to our growing network of professional aerospace recruiters in the US we have been able to consistently in depth searches. And because we have a very efficient potential employee screening process, there will be no problems in regards to consistent employee performance and competence. The employee will have no trouble fitting with your prestigious organization.

A National Network

At RSI we try to bring you a candidate that is up to your specifications – and with that in mind we only for professionals who will have no trouble making critical decisions and pounce on the opportunities from day one.

Our main aerospace recruiters are top selectors due to the fact that they themselves have prior experience in the industry. This gives them and you an edge – saving time and resources. The knowledge our recruiters already have helps them to ask all the right questions to determine whether a potential candidate is for you or not.

We Know Where the Candidate will fit in

Our experience and industry knowledge enables us to successfully point out where are potential candidate will successfully fit in. We recommend departments where the employee perform optimally, maximizing your operational efficiency.

Louisville Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Executive Search Specialties


  • Chemistry (Analytical/ Bio- Analytical/ Organic)
  • IT and Laboratory Automation
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Process and Product Development
  • Project Management
  • QA and QC
  • Regulatory Management
  • Sales
  • VP Clinical Development

Moreover, because our team of specialist recruiters excel in some areas of this industry they can efficiently assess and evaluate the career paths of a potential candidate and what the candidate is genuinely interested in pursuing. We check whether he has the skill and aptitude to succeed in the career he wants, which is helps us to nail the perfect aerospace and defense specialist for your organization.

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