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Aerospace, Aviation and Defense, it is what this great city of Wichita, Kansas relies on to provide for thousands of households. When you are looking for the best candidate, there is only one tested recruiting company and that is Reaction Search International (RSI). Our Wichita Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Executive Search Firm knows the industry like the back of our hand, and our team of highly skilled recruiters will easily provide some of the nation’s top candidates for your position, simple as that. If your company is looking for the next great hire, RSI will provide better and more skilled candidates then our competitors.

RSI from the surface seems like every other recruiting service, but that is where you are incorrect. We here at RSI have led a revolution in providing top level candidates to some of the nation’s leading employers. We differentiate ourselves in a few key areas from the other guys. First and foremost, our recruiting methodology provides clients with a transparent and concise step by step process that allows hiring choices to be clear and status updates simple. Secondly, our team of recruiters is able to not only scan resumes and provide the right candidate, but provide background checks and contact references. Lastly, the recruiter who is in contact with you will be following up with your company to make sure the candidate is working out, and to provide any support that is needed along the way. Only at RSI will you get this kind of service, with these kinds of results.

Aerospace, Aviation and Defense professionals are some of the most sought out after individuals due to their skills and craftsmanship. Here at RSI we are able to provide your firm with the best qualified candidates in the nation. Our step by step process involves our recruiters sitting down and talking with your hiring manager to see what the corporate culture is like, and what skills they are looking for. We then look at our pool, discuss things with possible candidates and then supply your company with our best options. Once hiring is done, we follow up with any support that might be necessary and make sure both the company and employee is happy with the arrangement. Gone are the days of ‘ghosting’ as a recruiting firm, instead here at RSI we value you as a customer and will support as much as we can.

Below are some of the great opportunities we here at RSI have filled in the past:

Commercial Aerospace Engineers

Spacecraft Designers

Engineering, Science and Date Processing Mangers


Mechanical Engineers

Military Aerospace Engineers

When you are looking for the best in Wichita, our Wichita Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Executive Search Firm is the only choice for your staffing needs. With our team of recruiters ready to take on your next job search it is up to you to take advantage of our amazing services, and even better recruiters. Call or click today, and find the best in aerospace and defence with the true nationwide leaders at RSI.



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