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Wichita Consumer Products Executive Recruitment

Consumer Products are what drive the economy, especially here in the Midwest, and when you are looking for the top professionals to be utilized in the industry trust the experts at Reaction Search international (RSI). We are based right here in Wichita and have the experience and skills necessary to bring some of the best candidates across Kansas to your companies doorstep. Our Wichita Consumer Products Executive Search Firm can assist your company with finding only the top tier candidates.

Here at RSI we pride ourselves on our clear and concise step by step process when it comes to our hiring practices. We want to learn about your company, and take the extra steps necessary to complete this first step with the greatest amount of information possible. At RSI we do our research and discuss with your team to find out your corporate culture and skills that you are wanting in your perfect candidate. Next, we go back to our highly skilled pool of consumer product experts and find the best candidates for your position. With our short list we then vet them via a background check and contact their references. We do this to ensure that your company is mitigated for risk, and make sure that our candidates are the best fit for you. Finally, we then present our group of candidates to your hiring team and provide support throughout the process. With continual checkups, our team of recruiters will be with you until the probationary period is over. With RSI we wish to bring together the best candidate to your company and we work with you to make sure that the fit works long term.

Transparency and conciseness, these are the two governing principles of our industry leading hiring methodology. Transparency ensures that our hiring methods are ethical, and you as a company can feel comfortable with our candidates. As well, it will allow your company to know the exact methodology that we utilized for our choices, and our recruiters will be able to review these decisions with you. Conciseness allows us to quickly turnaround our hiring contracts, and we can fill positions quicker and more effectively than the other guys. Now is the time to take advantage of the great opportunities with RSI and utilize our highly skilled recruiters the next time you hire for your consumer products positon.

With offices all across the world, we here at RSI have filled a number of great positions in the consumer products industry including:

Group Manager

Account Manager

Chief Designer
Brand Manager

Chief investment Officer


Account Executive


When you choose RSI you are choosing one of the top executive firms in the entire country. Our team of expert recruiters are waiting for your call to start your next consumer products professional search, and when that time comes, you will be in good hands. No matter your product, we have the professionals that will push your company to its fullest potential. Call or click today, and experience the RSI hospitality, we are the competitive advantage you have been waiting for.

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