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Wichita Energy and Utilities Executive Recruitment

Kansas has quickly established ourselves as a self-sufficient and strong economy in the face of turbulent times. This is due to work of many energy and utilities experts, and we here at Reaction Search International (RSI) have worked hard to become the premier choice for recruiting in this industry. With our Wichita Energy and Utilities Executive Search team of recruiters ready to come to your business to find the best candidates for your position, we are the automatic choice for recruiting services right here in Wichita. If you have been looking for the next great energy and utilities specialist, look no further than the experts at RSI to deliver your ideal candidate to the interview. Contact us today, and find out why your Human Resources team is always a step behind our expert recruiters.

RSI’s Tailored 25-Step Recruitment Process

While each recruitment search is customized according to our client’s needs, RSI follows a proven 25-step process that lends itself to timely success. Our process has been shaped and finely tuned from years in the energy industry. We’ve applied every learning curve to our approach, ending in a step-by-step process that works, time and again.

The step-by-step process of our energy and utilities executive search firm includes:

  • Developing a personalized priority list in coordination with hiring managers
  • Establishing a digital project management tool to streamline the process and promote transparency
  • Compiling a list of top energy and utilities industry performers
  • Coordinating our network of utilities executive search consultants across the country
  • Recruiting passive candidates
  • Scheduling interviews to align with hiring managers schedules
  • Employing a behavior-based interviewing technique to conduct quality screening
  • Scheduling assessment and skills testing
  • Conducting reference and background checks for top candidates
  • Providing status reports to measure the ongoing success of the project


You may be asking yourself, how do the experts at RSI separate themselves from the hundreds of other recruiting companies in the greater Wichita area, it is simple it is our rock solid methodology. We have worked over the last decade to develop one of the top rated methodologies in the business and for good reason. We wish our clients to feel comfortable with their energy and utilities hires. To do this we have fully transparent hiring methods, essentially we here RSI are an open book. If you have a question regarding our selection process our recruiters are there to answer. We also realize that most of these positions are on a time crunch, and because of this we look to keep our turnaround time at a minimum. Here at RSI you are not a number, you are a part of our corporate family and during hiring we are here for your every concern.

RSI is a business that prides itself in our ability to hire via a step by step process that ensures our clients receive the top rated candidates that are checked for inaccuracies or concerns in their past. We pride ourselves on our immaculate pool of qualified candidates and thus part of our process is the conducting of in-depth background checks and full conversations with candidate’s references. Let our team of seasoned professionals take care of the leg work, and supply your Human Resources team with only qualified candidates. We will also meet with your company and establish the skills you are looking for, as well as the kind of culture you want in your office. Once this is established, we will move towards presenting your company with a short list, and our recruiters will be available for any questions or comments throughout the hiring process. Here at our Wichita Energy and Utilities Executive Search Firm we are driven by success, and thus our open communication policy and check-ups with both the candidate and the company to make sure it has been a good fit.

Call or click today, and see what the experts at RSI can do for your energy and utilities company. With our years of experience and expertise, we here at RSI will find your dream candidate without concern. Experience the difference quality recruiting makes.

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