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Reaction Search International has become a pioneer in providing Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies with exceptional human capital in the industry of energy and utilities. Our dedicated team of specialized recruiters have the experience and the in depth knowledge required to make perfect acquisitions. Our Louisville Energy and Utilities Executive Search Firm is the leader in finding passive candidates that can add value to your team.

We focus on what you want, and we work towards brining you employees and professionals that meet your professional standards and academic requirements as well as the experience. We made several successful professional placements in different capacities of major corporations and startups as well as medium sized companies. We also provide a comprehensive array of recruitment solutions to multination companies in the US.

Experienced Executive Search in Louisville

At RSI, we have the edge over a majority of recruitment firms operating in the US. How? Well, that is primarily due to the fact that our expert searchers have the necessary experience in the energy and utilities sector. This makes them uniquely suited to screen potential candidates that have the skills necessary to be a part of your company or organization.

With more than two decades of collective experience in providing professionals in the energy and utilities sector, we supply topnotch personnel to full-time service contractors and research organizations in the US. Some of our top clients come from Fortune 100 companies and major chemical firms.

Our Specialty

Offering a wide ranging array of recruitment and staffing solutions, the following are some of our areas of specialization. We have provided unmatched recruitment in all these capacities and placements:

  • Oil and Gas Departments
  • The Energy Industry
  • Power Generation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Professionals for Research and Development Departments

Client Focused for your Louisville company

Our Louisville Energy and Utilities Executive Search focus is always on gauging topnotch candidates for your organization. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the very best from the best in the industry. The personnel our recruiters provide you with are nothing short of apt, self-starting and academically exceptional.

We can help start a new department and we can help you look for a talented, decisive and highly experienced CFO. Our recommendations do not need to be pushed; they will start performing as per you expectations from the very first day of work.

In light of this, mentioned below are the personnel we focus on finding for you:

  • Management Personnel for Clinical Data Supervision
  • Management Personnel for Biostatistics Analysis and Supervision
  • Highly Skilled Professionals in Analytical, Bio-analytical and Organic Chemistry
  • Managers for Quality Assurance and Control
  • Board Member/ VPs/ Executive Members
  • Supervisors for Regulatory Processes and Affairs
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • CMOs
  • CBOs
  • Engineers Specializing in Manufacturing
  • Sales and Support Supervisors
  • Lab Automation and IT Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Product Development and Processing Managers and Experts

We recommend professionals to you after they have gone through our diligent process of screening. Our expert evaluation team asks all the right questions. We are very stringent in following the requirement of our clients. And this has helped us to hone-in on prospects that you can find nowhere else in the industry.

Contact our Louisville Energy and Utilities Executive Search Team to learn about our 25 step process to a successful hire!

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