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If you are looking for automotive recruitment services in Charlotte, North Carolina, the professionals at Reaction Search International (RSI) can help.

Our highly trained executive search consultants have real-world Industrial experience and insight, making them the best suited for conducting Automotive Executive searches to enhance the staffing infrastructure in both private and public organizations.

The experts at RSI have completed projects for a range of automotive companies big and small. We can provide you with skilled leaders who have the necessary qualifications and have potential in leading the next generation of business.

Our Automotive Executive Search Services in Charlotte

RSI knows that in order for a business to run efficiently, it needs to be managed by competent personnel. We offer recruitment services in Charlotte, North Carolina up to the executive level and at every stage of your business:

Sales and Marketing

The better your marketing strategies and the more efficiently your sales teams are managed, the more popular your products will be. We offer recruitment services for positions such as Directors, application engineers, program managers, sales engineers and account managers to name a few.

Executive Level

Is one of your executives going into retirement or is being replaced? We offer coverage for a variety of executive positions such as Vice President, Chief Operating Officer or President.


There is no growth without innovation and your engineering department ensures just that. We can search for and find suitable candidates for positions such as product engineers, design engineers, simulation engineers and process engineers.

Our client base includes a host of companies that specialize in automotives such as:
  • Tier One and Two suppliers
  • Retailers and Dealership groups
  • Transport Service Providers
  • Aftermarket Parts Suppliers
  • OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Automotive, Specialty vehicles and Trucks


A Nationwide Automotive Recruiting Firm Network in Charlotte:

Working with our experts at RSI has its benefits. For one, you get to partner with recruiters who are experienced in searching for suitable candidates for automotive companies that hire their services. By handing over your recruitments to us, you also enjoy the following benefits:

Specialized Knowledge

Our certified professionals have the insight necessary to predict employer demand. They can serve as your eyes and ears while you focus on actually running your business. We can find available talent, reach out to them, assess their career expectations as well as skill sets and direct them to you. Not only will this help you fill crucial positions faster it will also make it possible for your automotive company to grab the best talent before the competition does.

Expand your Reach

The candidates of today use a wider range of resources to market themselves than before. However most employers do not know what those resources are. In addition, not all prospects may be searching for jobs proactively. They may be passive or they may be selective. Chances are that they might not even see themselves as part of your talent pool.

Here is where our recruitment services in Charlotte, North Carolina can help. We focus on the specialist market and can leverage our vast networks to help connect you with people who have the skills, qualifications and experiences that you are looking for.

We Target Candidates

We don’t forward just any applicant. We forward candidates that we know may prove beneficial for your business objectives. We screen applicants and ensure that they match your criteria.

If you are looking for automotive recruitment services in Charlotte, North Carolina the experts at Reaction Search International are ready to help. We are here to help you enhance your recruitment processes. Contact us at 1-704-334-8047.

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