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Reaction Search International is your best source for Automotive Executive Search in Honolulu, Hawaii. We know how competitive this industry can be. Our recruitment experts offer to search for talent that can complement your business objectives and is capable of leading the next generation of business.

Why Use RSI Recruitment Services in Honolulu? Change is tough on a company that specializes in automotives. Corporate changeovers, mass layoffs and mergers often leave talent gaps that can be hard to fill once you have a company to run. In addition, not all business owners have the resources to find capable candidates especially when it comes to positions at the executive level.

Leave talent acquisitions to us. Our vast network of resources and connections allow us to search for the best candidates that can serve your business objectives well and drive smart growth. We know that the automotive industry takes aspects such as quality standards very seriously. Companies are always searching for candidates who can process technological innovations, global influences and breakthrough production principles in stride. Other factors such as financial pressures demand workforces that are more versatile and can adapt according to fluctuating demands or market conditions. Our aim is to make the prospect easier for your company by finding you leaders.

The professional recruiters at RSI are experienced in working on both large and small assignments. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to private manufacturers or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Our Experience Speaks for Itself Reaction Search International is here to make your search for the best candidates in the market easy. We offer services up to the executive level.

Executive Level An executive like a company president is tasked with developing corporate vision and implement policies or procedures that complement it. This involves the creation of long or short strategies related to the products or services of the automotive company that he works for. From President to chief executive officer, chief operating officer and vice president, we can find you candidates who have the capability to do their positions justice.

Product Development Innovations are crucial when it comes to product development in the automotive industry. From Directors to chief engineers, product development engineers and design engineers, we can find you skilled individuals who can serve as prime candidates for these fields.

Aftermarket The aftermarket is a secondary market in the automotive industry and is just as important. We can help you make the most of this department by finding you prime candidates for positions like marketing managers, sales account managers, Directors, distribution managers, channel managers and even a Vice President of sales and marketing.

A Nationwide Executive Search Recruiter in Network in Honolulu, HI Our recruitment services in Honolulu, Hawaii are strategically positioned to offer you the best value for the long term. RSI offers coverage for companies that specialize in the following automotive fields:

  • Transport service providers
  • Truck, automotive and specialty vehicles
  • Dealerships and retailers
  • Aftermarket parts suppliers
  • Tier One, Two and other suppliers
  • OEMs or Original Equipment Suppliers

At RSI, our aim is to make your search for the best talent easy for you. Our experts work with you in order to help you identify leaders, accelerate readiness, drive development and energize transitions when necessary. Contact us to ask us about our recruitment services in Honolulu, Hawaii. We will assess your business objectives and suggest the most appropriate recruitment solutions for your particular requirements.

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