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If you are looking for automotive recruitment services in Los Angeles, California we have what you are looking for.

At Reaction Search International, our aim is to help you equip you with leaders who are capable of driving smart growth. We know that companies that specialize in automotives take aspects such as price pressured low margins, alternative fuels and global entrants seriously. In a time when the baby boomer generation is closing retirement, you need a new workforce that is capable of leading the next generation of business.

Recruiting Leader Who Can Drive Growth for Los Angeles Automotive Company

ExecutivesAn executive isn’t only responsible for ensuring that a company’s business objectives are met. He is also required to act as an interface between shareholders and the rest of the employees. In addition, he is also responsible for making decisions that affect the company across all departments. Therefore it isn’t surprising why talent gaps in executive positions affect operations negatively.

We know how difficult and time consuming it is to search for and screen candidates whose experiences fit positions at the executive level. Our experts can help search for prospects for positions such as chief executive officers, presidents, vice presidents and chief operating officers.

AftermarketThe aftermarket is a secondary market in the automotive industry and is just as important. This is especially since it deals with the operations that are required after a vehicle as been sold off by an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer. We can help you search for candidates for positions like marketing managers, channel managers, directors, distribution managers and even a vice president of sales and marketing.

Sales and MarketingYour sales and marketing team is responsible for actually ensuring that word spreads about your business. The employees in this workforce must have the insight to predict market trends and expertise to create strategies that facilitate them. The recruitment experts at Reaction Search International can search for candidates for positions like application engineers, program managers, directors, vice president of sales, sales managers, account managers and directors.

Why Choose RSI for your Automotive Recruitment Needs? When automotive companies attempt to strategize according massive corporate or market changes, they often lose bench strength. Today, gaps need to be filled and the next generation of leaders needs to be retained. Reaction Search International offers coverage in the following automotive sectors:

  • Truck, automotive and specialty vehicles
  • Tier One, Two and other suppliers
  • Original Equipment Suppliers or OEMs
  • Transport service providers
  • Dealership groups and retailers
  • And more

From major OEMs to Tier One and Two Suppliers, RSI can locate candidates for employment projects big or small. We know that financial pressures, market changes, mergers and corporate changeovers demand workforces that are more nimble and sustainable. No matter which automotive sector you specialize in we can locate and retain leaders that can guarantee the next generation of success.

Contact us at 310-823-9620 to ask us about our recruitment services in Los Angeles, California. We can customize our services to fit your business requirements. Our experts are as invested in the success of your automotive company as you are.

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