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Our Minneapolis Human Resources Executive Search team can assist you with your next hire, we are experts in our field with a proven track record.

For decades, Reaction Search International has specialized in connecting Minneapolis-based clients with superior human resources executives. We see the potential in this booming Northern state, home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies. Among these are household names such as Target, United Health Group, Xcel Energy, Best Buy and more. Beyond well-known and high-need companies, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area has a broad variety of start-ups, smaller companies and local institutions.

No matter the size of the company, there is one thing they all share: a need for quality human resources professionals in order to expand and excel. Whether your company is in need of a world-class CEO or a brand new human resources staff, RSI’s nationwide recruitment team is the answer. Learn more about our services and success stories below.

Experience With Staffing a Range of Industries

Human resources professionals are needed in every industry. These personnel members can pave the way for growth and training, ensure companies remain well-managed and above board, and help employees remain happy and heard. From high-level executives to HR generalists, it’s essential to hire the right people for the role at hand.

RSI has a team of highly trained human resources executive headhunters in Minneapolis. These search consultants bring real-world HR experience and insight, often including years spent working as HR professionals themselves. They are uniquely positioned to conduct executive searches, connect with top talent and recruit excellent candidates for your company’s open positions. These search and recruitment capabilities will help enhance the staffing infrastructure for both private and public organizations.

In the past, we’ve successfully located and placed HR professionals for a range of clients and industries. These include, among others, advertising, biotechnology, banking, computer software and hardware, health care, insurance and manufacturing.

Our Human Resources Executive Search Firm team specializes in:

  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Head of Talent and Culture
  • Talent and Culture Director
  • Employee Experience and Culture Value Manager
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager

RSI’s Recruitment Team Runs Coast to Coast

Our specialty as a human resources executive search firm in Minneapolis doesn’t mean we’re limited to one city — far from it. While we know this area and its industries inside out, our recruitment team spans the nation. RSI has a network of recruitment experts based in major cities across the country, with connections and unique insights specific to each region.

This widespread approach is what helps RSI truly stand apart. We’re able to identify, evaluate, recruit and deliver the highest-caliber professionals regardless of location. Our established search process helps us narrow down the candidate pool to the top five percent of passive candidates, no matter how far they may be from your company. In doing so, we’re able to place exceptional HR talent you may otherwise never have been able to connect with.

What Sets RSI Apart From Other Recruiters?

Reaction Search International is unlike any recruitment agency out there. Our unique capabilities stem from several different features:

  • Executive industry insiders: Our recruitment team has exceptional insight into the human resources field. Many of our Minneapolis HR executive recruiters have themselves worked in the positions for which they now recruit. They’re able to provide an unparalleled firsthand perspective, leading to high retention results. Our RSI staff knows which questions to ask, what qualifications to prioritize and how to effectively assess a candidate’s competency.
  • Regular touchpoints: RSI provides regular touchpoints along the journey, bringing both the client and the candidate in on the process. This helps all parties feel involved, listened to and understood, creating a positive experience for everyone involved.
  • Dedicated team members: Our team is committed to being the best Minneapolis human resources search firm in the business. We won’t stop until we’re certain that our hiring recommendations include the very best talent for a specific company. Our dedication involves timely communication, unstoppable resolve and a customizable approach tailored to each client.
  • A proven 25-step process: While our recruitment process is customized for each company’s needs, every Minneapolis human resources executive search follows a 25-step strategy. This tried and tested approach involves thorough background checks, reference checks, interview assessments and more. We don’t skip steps to save time or energy. Each client receives our full efforts to locate human resources professionals that you can count on.

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If you’re a Minneapolis-based company in need of an exceptional human resources hire, contact us today. Using our unique strategies and nationwide personnel, RSI can help your company find the next standout HR executive.

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