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Make Your Résumé Sparkle

By Robert Boroff | Google +

I’m sure you’ve seen QR codes everywhere recently, on newspapers and products most definitely. QR codes are those bar codes that you can scan with your smartphone. Did you know that people are beginning to add them to their resume? They are utilizing QR codes as a way to direct potential employers to online portfolios, contact information and additional application materials.

Other creative strategies include using infographics and videos in order to showcase their accomplishments, creativity, and technical abilities. The key to incorporating these new technologies into your résumé is to keep your audience in mind. While some employers may view these additions as innovative, others may find them hokey and still others may just find them confusing. Moreover most employers don’t have much more than a minute to initially look over a resume which won’t leave them time to watch a video or look over added information so the rest of you résumé must remain strong and clear.

It is also key that you don’t solely focus on your résumé and forget about networking. Networking is what often lands you the interview and your résumé is merely a reminder of all of your accomplishments.

Another strategy some employers prefer you employ is to go back in time a bit and submit a clean simple résumé with a separate cover letter. Conciseness and precision will always be appreciated when it comes to résumé writing. This is due to the fact that employers just don’t have time to analyze little details on résumés. They should be able to tell that you are a strong applicant within thirty seconds of looking at your résumé.

Be sure to put the heaviest amount of focus on your most recent accomplishments, don’t give the past as much weight as you give your present. It is also key that you highlight specific accomplishments as those will be what makes you unique as an applicant. You need to stand apart from your peers who have the same set of skills. Ask yourself what makes you so special and make sure that comes across in your résumé.

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