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Firms are now starting to notice of the advantages of hiring collegiate student athletes.  There are approximately 50,000 student athletes graduating every year from respective universities across the country.  There are five main reasons why firms should look to hire college athletes.

1. Competitiveness

College athletes have grown competing in various sports.  When these athletes make it to the collegiate level, they have to perform at their highest level in order to either retain their scholarship, walk-on to a team, or attain a starting position.  When a student athlete enters into the workplace, they will continually compete and strive to be number one in the firm.  This attribute usually allows collegiate student athletes to excel in the sales field because this line of work

is very competitive in nature.  Firms can rely on student athletes to come in to work everyday and work at their highest potential.

2. Leadership

Most collegiate athletes have had experience in leading a team.  They are constantly exposed to different leadership tactics and the effects they on a team.  There are two forms of leadership: Leadership through action and vocal leadership.  Both of these leadership skills are important in any managerial position.  Managers must be able to vocally lead their team and they also must be willing to lead through action in order to get their team to follow through on the task at hand.  College athletes have developed these leadership skills over their tenure in playing a collegiate sport.

3. Time Management

One major factor that affects a person when they start a job is stress.  Starting and maintaining a job requires time management skills in order to reduce stress caused by a hectic schedule.  When an employee is stressed, their quality of work tends to decline.  During their time in college, student athletes have had to balance their studies and social life all while playing their sport.  Collegiate athletes know how to manage their time effectively and they will be able to handle any kind of workload the manager may assign to them.

4. Toughness

Through the grueling workouts, juggling of activities, and stressful situations, college athletes are able to handle anything that’s thrown at them.  College athletes are put through the ringer time and time again in order to create both mental and physical toughness.  No matter what situation a collegiate athlete is going to be prepared to excel no matter what the cost

5. Clutch Players

Regardless of the rate of success in clutch situations, the experience in this kind of situation alone sets a college athlete apart from a non-college athlete.  College athletes are schooled in the art of remaining cool and collective during critical situations.  Athletes attain experience in critical situations when they compete in games.  Many times the games they participate in go down to the wire and the athletes must compete under pressure. Some collegiate games attract crowds of 15,000 fans or more and these athletes have to do their best to perform in the spotlight.  If there is one person you want working for you during a critical situation, an athlete is going to be your best bet.

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