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The end of the 1990s saw large companies like American Express and AT&T begin to experiment with telecommuting. Google, wireless internet and other inventions have made it an increasingly common practice. This advanced technology allows businesses to be more flexible in allowing their employees to work from home part or full-time.

Looking into 2020, your business needs to consider remote work options for current and future employees because this method is expected to grow exponentially.

Remote Work Benefits Your Business and Employees

You can gain a competitive edge in your field by increasing remote employment options in your business. Studies on remote employment have consistently shown that businesses offering these opportunities save both time and money. These startling remote work statistics show that remote options are worth careful consideration:

  • Employers who offer at minimum part-time work-from-home opportunities collectively save $44 billion each year
  • Two-thirds of managers report that their remote employees are more productive than their in-office workers
  • Companies who offer remote options decrease their employee turnover rates by 50 percent

This setup benefits your employees too. Those who work from home can control their environment, so they are able to shut out distractions. This leads to an increase in productivity because they won’t be bothered by office chatter. It is also easier for them to have a beneficial work/life balance, which decreases stress and increases job satisfaction.

The Future of Remote Work

These remote work trends won’t be going away in 2020, as the workforce becomes more technologically oriented. Various programs allow employers to meet with employees face-to-face in a virtual conference room, see the tasks they are working on in real-time, keep track of overall productivity and more.

For job candidates, remote work has become a meaningful factor of consideration when job searching. Current remote workers may be more willing to work for you if you offer a remote work option.

Things to Consider Before Implementing Remote Work Options

Before you put a work-from-home program into place, there are considerations your business must make:

  • IT security: How will you offer technical support to those not in the office? Enact a security policy for both in-house and at-home employees using security tools to protect your company information.
  • Training remote workers: What kind of training will your remote employees receive? An employee is likely to leave your business if they don’t receive meaningful training, learning programs and opportunities for promotion.
  • In-office days: Will you allow employees to work from home every day or require that they come into the office regularly? Some businesses have addressed the issue of remote employees feeling detached from the rest of company by requiring that they work in the office a certain number of days per week.

Choose RSI to Find the Best Remote Employees for Your Business

When implemented thoughtfully, a remote employment program can add value to your business. RSI will work with you to match only the highest-skilled candidates to your positions using an extensive database and 25-step search process. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services, so fill out the job order form on our website or call 800-832-8268 to bring the best talent to your business.

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