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Staying On Top Of Your Game

By Robert Boroff | Google +

While most of our “Management Matters” articles have been geared toward what you can do as a manager, this article provides guidance for what to do after you’ve managed. World unemployment is still on the rise and it is clear that workers from every level and every industry have been hit. While most of the major layoffs waves have been entry to mid-level workers, there is no reason why those in a management position should feel safe, or rather, should not be prepared. So whether you have been laid off from your management position or not, there are steps to take to ensure that if the dreadful time ever does arrive, you will be fully equipped to get back in the working world.

Most managers do not start their careers in a supervisory position but instead work their way up from a lower point. When promoted, they take on a brand new list of responsibilities which primarily tend to focus on overseeing the work of others. With this they spend more time evaluating the duties of their job than they actually spend doing the actual function of their job.

Let’s take the Information Technology world as an example. When holding the position of a web developer or a software engineer, you are actually doing the hands-on designing, developing, testing and more. When placed in the management position and overseeing these workers, you are doing less of the hands-on work and more of the management over projects and personnel. With this higher-up position you are vulnerable to losing touch with the various programs and software that your workers are using.

As technology advances, there are more and more resources used by employees these days. When sitting in a management position, many lose touch with the newest technology and software programs. So if a manager were to be laid off, when trying to find a job it will require not only their familiarity with the latest programs, but also experience.

Our advice to you? Whether you hold a manager position in IT, healthcare or even construction, ensure that you are not only knowledgeable of the newest technology or programs of your industry that your workers are using, but allow yourself time to get trained on them and practice using them. This will guarantee that if you are to join the pool of job candidates, you will be a valuable asset and in the loop with the latest information and resources out there.

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