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Wondering Where To Settle Down?

When choosing where to live many people heavily consider how family friendly it is.  Everything from the quality of the schools to the amount of activities available go into most peoples decision making process. Forbes may offer you some assistance with their list of top ten cities for families.

These cities may not be particularly flashy, they certainly aren’t your traditional tourist attractions but they boast a lot of benefits for your family.  Forbes took into account the cost of living, prevalence of home ownership, median household income, housing costs, commute time, crime and graduation rates.  The East Coast did especially well on the list, claiming six of the top ten cities.  In addition to being practical these cities are also a lot of fun.  They have many activities for families to take part in while remaining safe.

Ranking in at first place is Des Moines, Iowa.  Des Moines is home to many employment opportunities, and is a bustling market place.  There are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and have some fun.  There is a River Walk which includes trails, bridges, an ice creating rink and a civic garden.  It also boasts an easy commute, great schools and is relatively affordable.

Coming in at a close second is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Harrisburg is really a historical city which manages to boast some major industries.  Despite the state of the national economy Harrisburg remains quite stable.  It also has a rich culture and a lot of great family friendly attractions.

At third is Rochester, New York.  Rochester, New York is known as the flower city and has the second biggest economy in the state of New York, being a cheaper and safer alternative to New York City.  Rochester has a bustling music scene, strong educational system and is in general a beautiful city.

In fourth is Syracuse, New York.  Syracuse is affordable, safe, not too crowded and home to a fantastic university.

At fifth is Provo, Utah.  Provo is home to Brigham Young University, the famous Peaks Ice Arena and Sundance Resort.  It’s a great place to start a new career and is a cultural hub.

Coming it at sixth is Ogden, Utah.  Ogden is an economic hub, and is the number one city for home ownership.  Ogden offers diverse opportunities for outdoor recreation including hiking, running, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking and a whole host of outdoor activities.

At seventh is the widely known city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Pittsburgh is home to many major global financial institutions and many job opportunities.  It is simply a very livable city.

In eighth place is Knoxville, Tennessee.  Knoxville is an old city with a lot of history and is thus home to quite a bit of culture.

In ninth place is Albany, New York.  Albany was an original settlement of the thirteenth colonies, and has retained it’s historic charm  It boasts some beautiful geography and has some wonderful neighborhoods.  Albany has a very strong parks and recreation department which offers a lot of family friendly activities.

Last but not least is Niagara Falls, New York. Niagara Falls offers more than just it’s breathtaking water falls.  Niagara Falls boasts a strong economy and a close-knit community.

Where you’re deciding between two offers or are just looking to relocate consider these ten cities if you are planning on raising a family in the near future.

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