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Career Change

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Many individuals in today’s current economic state are faced with the important task of finding a new job, but more daunting, a job within a new industry. Many industries are becoming obsolete in our current economic state. What is an experienced professional specialized in one area supposed to do when their industry downsizes or disappears completely? Young professionals are more likely to change careers early in the game, versus their more seasoned counterparts who stay in one industry, despite their passion or success. It is important for job seekers to realize that previous career experience can be transferred to another industry; it is just a matter of identifying the commonalities of job requirements and job fulfillment.
With new innovations made daily and technology increasing production and efficiency on many different levels, a job seeker needs to know how to market themselves in a versatile manner. An IT sales professional who has only worked in the IT field, still has sales techniques, sourcing skills, professional etiquette, a rolodex of contacts, and clear communication. Sales is one of the most diverse job industries that allows sales professional to transfer their skills to any specialized field. But what about non-sales roles? How does a business professional transfer their skills to a completely different industry?

Many job seekers may be searching for a new position because they were laid off or because they were prepared to make a change in their career. No matter what the initial reason is for beginning your career change, now is the time to find a job that best suits your personal passion. A job transition is a great opportunity to go back to school, take a class that interests you, or even go out and perform informational interviews in potential fields you might consider for a new career. When seeking out a new career, research what types of companies you could work for, what their company culture is like, what types of positions are available, and how your skills could transfer.

If the idea of changing career seems too overwhelming, start with a personality assessment that can identify what types of job roles you are intrinsically motivated by. You may want to attend a seminar on career change, and most importantly you need to network. Utilize the upcoming trends of online networks as well as attend local business functions in your community. If you are changing careers, an inside employee recommendation may be your key to an opportunity for change.

Overall, when faced with a career change, identify what skills you possess that can contribute to a company’s bottom line. Lastly, network with the types of professionals you want to work with because a personal relationship has greater leverage than a resume. All in all, you must keep a positive attitude because if you do not believe in yourself, then why would a hiring authority? YOU are the best salesperson for you!

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