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Olympic Athlete Dedication
Jul 6th, 2012
Olympic Athlete Dedication The dedication that Olympic athletes put towards their sport of expertise is inspiring. Their consistency of drive and dedication is impeccable. Having the natural ability to strive to be the best of the best, they make it seem effortless. Olympic athletes require training seven days a week…
NBA Renews Major Ad Partnership Deals
Dec 12th, 2011
For the NBA, after resolving its 149-day labor dispute last month, now comes the hard part: rounding up advertisers. On Monday, the league will announce it is renewing three of its major long-term partnership deals—with Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, PesicCo Inc.'s Gatorade and Mark Tatum, the National Basketball Association's executive vice president…
Green Bay's Hottest Stock
Dec 7th, 2011
As stock investments go, the Green Bay Packers' latest $62.5 million offering isn't very good. It pays no dividends, can only be transferred to family and can't appreciate in value. But that hasn't stopped the rabid fans of the National Football League's only undefeated team from paying $250 a share…

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