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Olympic Athlete Dedication

The dedication that Olympic athletes put towards their sport of expertise is inspiring. Their consistency of drive and dedication is impeccable. Having the natural ability to strive to be the best of the best, they make it seem effortless. Olympic athletes require training seven days a week to keep up with their tiptop physical shape and to maintain and learn new skill sets to compete in the Olympic games. The physical aspect is not the only thing these athletes have to work towards. A healthy, caloric diet and training their minds is just as important. Their dedication goes towards being the best, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and staying in the right mindset at all times.

Diet: Depending on what sport an athlete may be training for they have to maintain a specific amount of calories per day in order for them to burn it all off when doing their rigorous workouts. Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, during the Olympics eats about 12,000 calories a day. For your regular day-to-day person the consumption of 12,000 calories a day would lead to serious weight gain without an Olympic athlete workout to follow. Phelps needs that calorie intake with the intense workouts he endures during his Olympic swimming training. Michael Phelps is only one of many Olympic athletes that have a large calorie intake everyday in order to sustain an effective workout.

Workout Routine: Olympic athletes put their heart and soul into their workout because that is what is molding their bodies into the upmost physical shape. Without that, they would not be Olympic athletes. With the variety of Olympic sports the athletes have very different routines. Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone has a series of workouts that she sticks to, to keep up her buff physique. Sacramone’s focus is all in her core and legs because for gymnasts their legs and core contribute all the power of being able to flip their bodies through the air. Her routine consists of hanging leg lifts, lunges with a bar, exercise balls, and standing side jumps. During the Olympics you would find her in the gym seven hours a day seven days a week.

The talent that Olympic athletes hold is truly incredible. They have 100% focus until they start seeing medals, and even after that their process of training starts from square one. Passion, drive, and excellence are what make up Olympic athletes.

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