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Reaction Search International is your best source for Automotive Executive Search services in Detroit, Michigan. We offer a host of employment solutions for automotive companies looking for leaders who can lead the next generation of business.

When it comes to searching for quality candidates, you need a service that you can trust. Our professional recruiters have access to a host of resources and can provide you with the skilled and talented employees you require. We know how hard it is for you to take time off from core operations just to promote vacancies. As a growing company, you would rather focus your HR into processes that actually contribute to corporate growth.

Conducting Automotive Executive Search for Detroit

The automotive industry is highly competitive and takes standards of quality very seriously. However such a company may lose bench strength if it is compelled to cut back due to mergers or corporate changeovers. Talent gaps need to be filled and new leaders need to be identified; leaders who have the experience and ability to adapt to change. Other requirements such as strategic visions, versatility and commercial savvy are valued by the automotive companies of today.

Reaction Search International offers a full suite of solutions that will address your talent needs. From one on one coaching to succession planning, we carry out competency based assessments to ensure that your workforce is compatible with your business objectives.

However, those vacancies have to be filled fast. Leave such processes to us. Contact us and our recruiters will discuss your options with you. Each candidate will be screened before his or her credentials are forwarded to you. At Reaction Search International, we search for candidates who have the qualifications that are necessary for the positions that you want them for.

At Reaction Search International, our aim is to drive smart growth. Our coverage includes companies that specialize in:
  • Truck, automotive and specialty vehicles
  • Aftermarket Parts Suppliers
  • Tier One and Two as well as other suppliers
  • Transport service providers
  • Private equity funds
  • OEMs or Original Equipment Manufacturers


Do They Have What it Take to Succeed with your Company

Our recruiters are experienced in offering services for a range of positions:

Executive Level

From chief operating officers to chief executive officers, presidents and vice president, our recruiters have the resources you need to find you talent at the executive level.

Product Development

An automotive company that specializes in product development is as good as the quality of its products and the people behind them. We can help you find skilled personnel for positions such as chief engineers, directors, design engineers and product development engineers.

Sales and Marketing

A sales team ensures that word gets around about your business. We can help you enhance your marketing efforts by finding you the right talent for positions like application engineers, sales engineers, directors, program managers, account managers and even candidates for the Vice President of Sales.


From design engineers to product engineers, quality engineers, process and simulation engineers, we can find you candidates that will boost your engineering sector.

Reaction Search International is strategically positioned to give your automotive company the advantage it needs to grab the best talent before the competition. We are affiliated with agencies such as the SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) and the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

The automotive companies of today rely on skilled workforces to keep abreast of changing demand. Contact us at Reaction Search International and our recruitment services in Detroit, Michigan will help you find the professional workforce you need to ensure corporate growth.

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