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Recruiting outstanding professionals for your private equity and venture capital firm is quite challenging given the current market conditions. The increasing asset prices require PE and VC firms to partner with the right talent that adds value to their portfolio companies in this highly competitive industry. At RSI, our Detroit Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive Search Team understands the intricacies and requirements of executive talent in the investment sector.

We help you secure the most talented and sharp professionals who provide you robust support throughout your investment lifecycle. Our team of professional recruiters works closely with you to provide support for recruiting exceptional individuals having the right blend of skills, knowledge, and experience.

As an established executive recruitment firm in Detroit, we help you developed long-term professional relationships with highly experienced talent. We provide you with extremely effective leadership and management teams for your portfolio and venture capital companies.

Providing You with the Best in Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry

Unlike other recruitment agencies in the region, Reaction Search International has extensive connections beyond national boundaries. Our recruitment experts are experienced professionals from the PE and VC industry who have an in-depth understanding of this marketplace. We know what your company requires to develop an enduring value.

When investors plan to invest in your firm, they look for a balance of passion, vision, and streamlined processes with strong leadership and management. We provide you with the top talent who has the acumen, intelligence, and discipline to refine the strategic planning of your organization and make your firm attractive for investors.

At RSI, we provide your investment organization with industry-leading professionals who materialize your goals and take your company forward. We provide you with the right combination of resources, critical insights, and reach. This enables your investment firm to secure the most demanded and desirable executive talent for the challenging and complex environment.

Helping Your Maximize Your Returns on Investment

The uncertain government regulations, complicated fundraising environment, inability to identify opportunities, and unfavorable listing options are plaguing the investment industry. To search for qualified and high-performing candidates who can bring success to your PE and VC firm while remaining within these constraints increases this sector’s complexity.

RSI’s Detroit Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive Search Team rises to this challenge and helps you maximize your returns on investment. Using critical insights and the latest market data, we attract, engage, and recruit exceptional superstars of the industry who have the capabilities to fill executive and leadership positions.

Our proven 25 steps recruitment process allows you to reap the benefits of a quick, easy and efficient search for the top talent. As an established recruitment company in Detroit, we are well-positioned to provide you with the brilliant talent who can set your company for success.

Contact our Detroit Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive Search team to learn about our 25 step process and how we can work with you to find your next top tier candidate!




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