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At RSI we understand finding a CEO or Board member can seem like an impossible task.  Our Washington DC Board and CEO Services Executive Search Team is the premier choice for recruiting in the region. With thousands of larger companies, the entire federal government and hundreds of leading contracting and lobbying firms, Washington is uniquely set-up with one of the largest networks of Board and CEO service candidates in the country.

How can our Executive Recruiters assist you?

We like to do things a little different than the rest of the companies in the District, and that is a good thing. Our team of highly trained experts can work around the clock to find your ideal candidate. Here are just a few things that we do with every single client that will ensure you find the perfect candidate for your Board and CEO Executive.

  • First, we utilize a tried and tested tailored 25 step process to find the right candidate for your position. This customised system will allow us to alter the scoring for your preferred skill set, and you will have access to a suite of candidates to hand-pick from.


  • Second, the team at RSI is so confident that we will find the right match that we offer a 100% guarantee for all of our clients. Whether you are filing a low-end board and CEO services executive, or a senior vice-president, the team at RSI guarantees a placement. If for some reason, the original candidate does not work, we will fill the position with our next ranked candidate for free. It is that simple.


  • Third, the team at RSI utilizes direct recruiting with all of our clients. Through this direct recruiting method, we can grow one of the largest networks of board and CEO service executives in the country.


Are you struggling to find your next board and CEO service executive, then it is about time that you chatted with RSI. As the premier Board and CEO Service executive search company in the Washington, DC area, we can deliver your ideal candidate with ease. Let’s chat and see how RSI can find your companies next top tier hire.

Contact our Washington DC Board and CEO Services Executive Search Firm to learn about our process and how we can help you.

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